Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Dreaming of All Bows!

Ever since Erin announced her bow blouse sew along I've been seeing bows everywhere. Even though the sew along is over let the Bows Continue!

I wish I had taken screen shots of this Ajumma from the beginning.
She's head of a housekeeping agency in the drama
My Suspicious Housekeeper.
EVERY SINGLE TIME she's on camera she's wearing a bow blouse or
a ruffled blouse, but most often something with a bow. Solids, prints,
she doesn't care if it has a bow she's gonna wear it.
She's hilarious and I love her! 
Feeling dramatic! Found HERE

FF Blouse 1930s New York 168 Bust 34 Vintage Sewing Pattern
A lovely blouse for average day wear from the 30s!
On Sale Here
The Paradise a BBC drama has all the shop girls wearing bows on their
bums as you can see in this overexposed screenshot. I find this amusing.

Now this blouse I've had saved for awhile. She was a minor character in the
background of the shot but that didn't keep me from noticing her blouse.
This is something I'd love to figure out how to recreate! Isn't it stunning!


Anonymous said...

That Vogue cover makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing.

EmSewCrazy said...

Glad you enjoyed it Cari. I thought it was too good to pass by.

Rin@SewinLove said...

I LOVE BOWS!!! A favourite of mine is the big bow on the back of an evening dress. My vintage wedding dress had FOUR bows on the back.

EmSewCrazy said...

Rin, your dress is beautiful!!! I bet you looked lovely in it. Vintage is such a great way to get a unique wedding dress too..