Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I WANT This Dress!!

It's beautiful! I want to wear it! Fit with mobility. Plus I love layers, (since I am always the coldest person in the room) and jumpers (since they merge well with my existing wardrobe).

The problem is it conflicts with my pattern stash rules.

Pattern Stash Rules:
* No Factory Folds
* Must be something I can sew for people in my life now. (children's patterns sneak in here)
* Must be my size
* Must be very unique if not in my size

As you can see it violates two of my rules. What's a girl to do when business clashes with her love of sewing? I finally decided to list it hoping it goes to a happy home that sends me pictures of the beautiful finished garments.
But, I have carefully studied the pattern diagram so when I get around to learning pattern drafting this can be one of my first experiments!
How about you? How do you decide what to sell and what to keep? When do you decide to alter a pattern to fit or let it go down the road?

Monday, August 27, 2012

You never know where inspiration will strike next! Check out this great little Simplicity catalog from March 1976. Out on the prairie we wear denim every day, all day, but only one way. Levis or Wranglers jeans are the only way to go. I enjoyed this crazy yet refreshing look at different ways to use denim. 

How about some crazy patchwork? I want to see those jeans at the next rodeo!

Add some fabric trim or use some of those great stitches on your machine. Denim handles topstitching beautifully.

I thought the use of red piping was interesting.

Adding some bling is easier than ever with today's Bejewelers and BeDazzlers.

Oh Yes! Embrace denim's formal side! These dresses actually look pretty comfy and I love that heavy white lace.

Whether it's appliques or miles of trim denim makes the perfect canvas to embellish upon.

The Shirtdress! Who doesn't love them? Even my Mother had one!

That ends our first peek from the not so distant past. What do you think? Are you ready to sew with denim yet? 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello World! 
Like Evie Teale, I too am taking pen in hand to send my thoughts out into the wide open spaces. I have found a vibrant community that I am looking forward to actively participating in.  So what can you expect to see from me?

     *Sewing! Lots and lots of sewing! I love to sew and have learned a lot from other bloggers and am         looking forward to continue sharing the knowledge.

  • My Etsy Store. Yes I am selling stuff! Very cool stuff that I want to share with you! So yes there will be some promotional stuff. 

  • Learning. As a young entrepreneur I am learning a lot about starting your own business, etc. Thanks to the connectivity of this day and age I am also looking forward to getting your feedback on the ideas that bounce around in this brain of mine!

  • Life. Sometimes it isn’t what you expect or plan for so I’ll be talking about that too. I can’t be the only diabetic with celiac disease, in my 20s, still living at home, trying to make ends meet. 

So hello! Welcome, thanks for stopping by and grabbing my first tumbleweed message! I hope you’ll catch another sometime.