Friday, November 6, 2015

Return From The Dead! A Year of Musings

Fair warning, this post is probably going to be as messy as my new sewing setup. But I miss you all so here I go. No more procrastinating!

Why haven't you heard from me?
Well, we moved into our mostly remodeled house and I left for summer camp for three wonderful months then I came home and immediately went to work as a speech therapist paraprofessional which is as fulfilling as it is mentally draining.

Have I gotten to sew in all this?
Well I finally got a sewing station set up and have rediscovered most of my sewing supplies. I've made a couple of SPECTACULAR pieces that I can't wait to share with you. I've also won some pretty amazing sewing swag and tested some super cool patterns and I really want to share with you all.
I haven't figured out where to take photos yet which has been part of my procrastination in beginning to blog again.

I've taken this impromptu blogging hiatus to evaluate what I want from my blog and life and all that big stuff!

  • I have a sewing related business and I want to promote it on here in a non spammy way... How exactly I haven't figured out yet... I mostly know how I don't want it to look. :) But I do run across great vintage stuff and I know some of my sewing bloggy friends would love it too! I love Sanae's blog and how she is trying to make a go of this entrepreneurial thing! I'm so jealous of her Furoku  Membership! What a fabulous idea! We are different styles but I love her moving writing and maybe because we are so different she is so refreshing to me. I'd like to be as genuine as her. 

  • Tying into that, I want to write more thoughtful pieces. I want to finish Aria's story and maybe a couple more I have percolating. The art of sewing should be celebrated and girls should have girl adventures where they win as girls not as girls acting like boys. (I hope that makes sense..)

  • I've got so much cool stuff I want to share. There's nothing like the happy sewing community squeeing over a fabulous finished make together. I've also won so many cool giveaways and I need to thank the givers and pass on this loveliness! 
I think what this boils down to is setting myself the goal of posting once a week. Then using my time wisely making stuff and writing all these stories. 

What have blogging breaks taught you? What's been happening in this sewing world that I've missed out on?