Stashbusting Sewalong!

Welcome to EmSewCrazy's homepage to the Stashbusting Sew-a-long Challenge!

The Stashbusting Sewalong is a casual sew along starting it's third year. It's goal is to encourage us to reduce the size of our stashes. If you've got more fabric than you know what to do with, join us as we systematically purge our stashes by sewing items to fit a series of themes.

Stashbusting Pledge
 "I, _______,commit to using ____ pieces of stash fabric in 2013. Additional option: I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/ notions except for _______ until ______." 
Please include your blog if you have one.

To join or get more details go 

2015 Themes

2013-14 Themes and Challenges
JanuaryItty Bits! Sew up those remnants left over from another project, use up some of those tiny scraps that you've been long as it's less than a yard of fabric, it counts!
  2013 Posts: Cation's Confessions
              EmSewCrazy's Crazy Piles
             Cation's Itty Bits and Mountain Majesties
             Em's Itty Bitty Worlds
             Cation's Link Party!
             Em's January Picks
 Make something for someone you love... it's that simple...

 2013 Posts: Cation's Corset
  Em's Sewing Plans
  Em Love Sewing Round One
  Cation's Corset Recipient 
  Em's Stripy Love and Kawaii Stashbusting
  February's Link Party and Challenge participants.
  Em's Cowl Tutorial
  Cation's Chicken Dinner Winner
  Em's Selfish Sewing Roundup

March: Seasonal Change & Wardrobe Building 

Regardless of your hemispherical location, the weather will be changing soon...what will you make? Something fun for the coming spring, or something cozy for fall? It's time to evaluate our clothes!

2013 Posts:
  Cation's March Stashbusting Plans
                Mad Men March
               Empress New Dress
              March Link Party!

  Em's Modest March Plans
          Beastly to Beautiful
          Pink Spring Jacket

This month its all about color! The brighter, richer, deeper, more vibrant, the better! How do you use color?

2013 Posts:
  Cation's Stashbusting Commences
                Not a Shellfish Seamstress
                Book Review and Turquoise Dress
                Wide Leg Trousers and April Link Party
                The Last Cat
                The Antisocial Dress
                Vibrant Challenge Winner

  Em's Vibrant Attitude
           Vibrant Tunic Kickoff
           Stashbusting... Yarn!
           Vibrant Pillow Covers
           April Roundup
2014 Posts:
  Vibrant Announcement
  Creating A Color Palette w/ Crafting a Rainbow
  Redying the Stash Interview w/ Melly Sews


Show how creative you can be with knits! You can make whatever you please as long as it's made with knit!
May Pinspiration and Em's Knit Tips Board

2013 Posts:
   Cation's: Vibrant Color Challenge Winner
                  Mint and Silver Dragee
                  The Measliest Stashbust Ever
   Em's: May Challenge Details
             Interview with StephC Part 1
             Interview with StephC Part 2
             New Dress and Photography Thoughs
             If You Give A Girl A Computer
             Belated Bustier Top
             Stashbusters Alert
             My First Normal Tiramisu
2014 Posts:

June: Containment! 
Get ready for those long car trips, summer outings or some good old fashioned cleaning and organizing! We're thinking bags, boxes, totes, purses, pouches, you name it; this month is all about making things to put other things in.

2013 Posts:
   Cation's: May Stashbusting Winner
                  DIY Gold Clutch
   Em's: June Stashbusting 
            Stashbusting Pinterest Style
            Stashbusting to Organize

2014 Posts:
  Theme Announcement
  Presido Purse
  Traveling Iron Cover

Let's have some fun making those dresses we love. Will you choose something for everyday or a crazy masterpiece?

2013 Posts:
   Cation's: 3 Year Top
           20's Dress Stashbust
           Come to Feather Dress
               July Link Up
   Em's: July Challenge Annoucement & June Roundup
             1st Dress of July
             12 Dresses Stashbust
             July Dress Roundup
2014 Posts:
  Theme Announcement

August: Refashion, Upcycle, UFO’s As we enter another transitional month and start switching gears from summer fun to back to school it is time to tackle those projects we’ve had lying around forever or that pile of garments we’ve been meaning to alter or refashion into something else. This month’s focus is on those quick fixes that will bring fabulous back into our wardrobes and rekindle that sewing mojo that may have been lost over the summer holidays.

2013 Posts:
   Cation's: Jacket Stashbust

What will you make for a child? Toys? Clothes? Quilts? Or will you use this theme in the abstract and inject some childlike whimsy into your personal sewing? 

Supplementary Pinboards Girl's    Boys    Costumes

2013 Posts:
   Em's: September Theme & August Roundup
2014 Posts:
  Theme Announcement

October: Sewing for Others, Start early on those Christmas gifts or anything else on your to do list for someone else.
 2014: Announcement


December: Gifts for You and Gifts for ME! 

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