Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving Sewing Blogging World!
Oh my! How I’ve missed chatting and sharing projects with you all. I was naive in thinking just because this move was a very good thing didn’t mean it wouldn’t be a time of huge change and big adjustments. 

I have some projects backlogged but no brainpower to put a decent post together…. so they are waiting until I can do them justice.

Today, as I was learning to use a screw gun as we put in the new floor for my bedroom, I was struck by the similarities between remodeling and sewing. This remodel has been like repairing a very fine but very damaged vintage dress. (Although for the record I’ll take armpit stains over crystalized animal pee any day!) You walk seam lines and measure for floor boards. You true up the grain line on pattern pieces and true up and level the walls. You even use tape measures! Screws and nails instead of pins and threads but the same principles apply.

I’ve decided to hang out my seamstress shingle for mending, alterations and custom sewing. Lessons and classes will have to wait until we are finished our building. Life takes time which is hard to remember as we read blogs which only show the beautiful finished project or a watch a house get renovated in a 30 min. time slot.

I’m thankful I have this opportunity and support from my family and friends. I’m thankful for the sewing blogging world that inspires me to keep sewing and shows me that it is possible to bring in some income doing what we love. I’m thankful; as I ache from getting glutened, I only have chronic diseases that allow me to function normally most of the time and not something terminal. 

I could go on but my battery has finished charging and the screws and floor joists? are waiting… 
Until soon,

PS. What are you thankful for?