About Me

In a little house 
On a little hill
Where the wind blows through the grasses
A little woman sits and sews 
For all the pretty lasses.
At 5’ 9 3/4 I’m not sure how “little” I am but I do live on a little hill in the middle of the prairie and the wind always blows. Think “Little House on the Prairie” but with indoor plumbing and high speed internet. The nearest little town is 45 minutes away and the nearest Wal-mart is 90 miles away. I’m surrounded by cows, grass, and sky. Not much can beat our sunsets and the stars on a clear night.

I’m in my mid twenties and live in my parents basement. They are super supportive as I follow my entrepreneurial dreams of trying to make a living with my sewing skills. I have an Etsy store where I sell the old sewing stuff I find on our antiquing adventures. My Dad is sad I don’t look for his old junk anymore and teases me about becoming a pattern hoarder. I tell him I learned from the best. 

Besides the immediate family you’ll see a couple other regular faces on here. These are my Not-Nieces and Not-Nephew. We’re related by everything except blood. 

The Pink Princess
Favorite color: Pink
If its pink its hers. 

Little Man
Favorite Color: Blue or Purple
He knows exactly how he wants his stuff made and can spot boy fabric no matter how deeply it's buried.
Favorite Color: Green
She wants all the dresses and will sit at the machine and sew them with me.
Favorite Color: Orange
At two she talks better than most ten year olds.

Favorite Color: Unknown
 Another special friend that appears from time to time is my little sewing buddy. She has so much creative potential and can talk sewing like the best of us old ladies. We have loads of fun creating together.

Besides my crafty pursuits and love of playing with small children, I enjoy singing, reading, and traveling. I also don’t mind hanging out with a group of friends closer to my own age for an evening of fun either. I also occasionally try to cook gluten-free, diabetic friendly food at times. When I totally run out things to do I study my Korean lessons so I can accomplish my goal of learning a second language.
That's all I've got for now... you'll have to stop by for a chat if you want the rest. :) or send me an email... emsewcrazy at yahoo dot com.

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