Friday, December 6, 2013

December Stashbusting Theme

Hello Stashbusters!
  Here we are, facing our last month of the Stashbusting sew along. It seems like just a few weeks ago  Cindy and I were sending emails back and forth getting ready to set this up and now we're discussing it's future.
  November was a crazy month for me and I'll admit I failed to fulfill the Charity challenge. Cindy, on the other hand, made up some adorable plushies and a free pattern! How did November sewing go for you? Link up here and show off your work!

But back to December! Our theme for this month is real simple, Gifts for You and Gifts for ME! Whether you're an unselfish sewist frantically creating for others or lavishing the sewing love on yourself this Christmas, the holidays are a great time to break out the sewing machine and make something special.
Here's my unmade Christmas list in no particular order with the names left off in case some of the receivers would happen to stumble across it.

  1. Large Red Velvet Clutch faux leather, for me. 
  2. Vintage housecoat/bathrobe
  3. THIS DRESS!!! I've been planning it the whole year and it's time to get it done!
  4. Three princess dresses. (already cut)
  5. A prince cape
  6. Tiny felt Chihuahua or chiweenie
  7. Japanese bag (already cut somewhere)
  8. Stargate ornament
  9. Bird ornament
  10. A couple other ornaments
  11. Frame 2 Completed Embroidery pieces
What are your plans as we prepare to wrap up this year of Stashbusting? Is this something you would want to do again?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I definitely want to do this again. Is there ever "not enough stash"? Maybe even stash bust the pattern collection...

EmSewCrazy said...

Yes, sorting through the pattern collection is a job as well. Cindy and I are discussing what to do next with this. Thanks for letting us know what you're thinking.

Anonymous said...

I definitely need to keep stash-busting...maybe for the next year I need to focus on sewing more yardage than I acquire.

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks for your input Cari! We'll keep it in mind!