Saturday, December 27, 2014

Make It With Wool Last Garments of the Year

Hello Sewing Buddies!
  I figured it was about time I posted these! I came home from summer camp, found out I was moving and found out I was not only helping my friend enter SD Make it With Wool contest I was entering it too. Cue the exacting frantic sewing, because this was for a contest!

Why yes, I am a perky librarian. 
Notice the flowing sleeves that are so in style as I display how green our leaves still are.

I did add a high waistband to show off my tiny waist with different tops. 
How I'll probably wear this outfit since it is SO MUCH green together!

So fun! Now you can see the guts which were all stash busted! I had to add color somewhere.

Since red is my favorite color and I think topstitching that can't be seen is a waste I opted for this dark magenta. A little spice but not super loud.

This was actually my second top and I loved how it came together. Even if it involved a lot of hand stitching to hide all my seams. 

  • I used Cake's Hummingbird pattern for the pencil skirt since I'd already made it up several times. I used my shaped waistband and simply pleated a silky remnant I had for the skirt lining.
  • For the final top I used a vintage Butterick 6856. I knew this era fit me pretty well so I made it up without muslining. Next time I'll lower the bust darts a smidge because I'm not going to wear bullet bras and things quite passable but not quite perfect.
  • I really like these as a whole outfit but even more as separates. It's Italian wool and I didn't know wool could feel so nice!
  • There was a lot of angst because of the deadline and the perfection needed in sewing but I'm glad I've got these pieces made because they will be nice to wear once we're done working on the house.
  • I'm kicking myself for not pretreating the wool. The lady I got it from said, "No, no. You must always dry clean wool" so I just took it home and started cutting.
Any ideas on how to wash wool at home? 


Sharon said...

I really like this top and skirt and both of them together, very stylish.

Borsmenta said...

This looks awesome.
If you want to wash it do it in coldish water with some very mild detergent. Otherwise it shrinks like hell. But having it always dry cleaned is also an option - however I find it a hassle to go and get it done by pros.

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks Sharon. I do look really put together with these! I'm not usually this sharp. :)

EmSewCrazy said...

I knit with wool so I have a wool friendly detergent. I will give this a try. Thanks so much!