Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hits and Misses of 2014

I feel like 2014 was a good sewing year for me. I had a lot more hits than misses and I had a hard time narrowing it down. So here you go in no particular order....

Cake Patterns Cocoa Shrug
I wore this ALL summer and fall. It's perfect for those dresses I wear
that sit at my natural waist. I want to make another!

Maritime Shorts and Pants Hack
I'm so tickled I attacked my trouser fear and made these up. They are still
worn frequently!
Japanese Pattern
Chiffon Top. I love this top! I'm so happy I got to sew with chiffon and
it turned out to be an enjoyable experience. 
I made this ADORABLE vintage dress pattern up in one day because
I had a birthday deadline. She loved it and I loved it. 

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt
This plaid wool skirt has to be one of my favorites of the
year. I refashioned an old aline skirt of my mother's
into this. I wear it until it's too warm to wear.
Love love love.
 Two others that have to be mentioned even if they haven't been blogged are my black plaid Lola and my blue floral sweatshirt top. Both have seen lots of wear and are pieces I reach for  again and again.

Now for the misses...

Athena Top Pattern
I really wanted this to work out. It had some of my favorite features,
pleats and a cowl. I don't know if it was pattern or fabric error but
it stretched and gaped like crazy. I wear it for pjs.

This is my second Athena top with a not such a cowl back.
The neckline was still to gapey and the facing wouldn't stay put so it never
got worn. I'm going to have to remake this into something else because
I like the fabric.

My other miss wasn't a garment but something I do feel badly about. I feel like I really dropped the ball on the Stashbusting Sewalong. With camp and the move I wasn't able to encourage or promote as much as I have in years past.

So what have I learned? Well that will have to wait until my Reflections and Goals post... :) Stay tuned.

How about you? Any terrible fails this year?


Jagoda Spronk said...

My fails? So many, one of them is Cocoa shrug, which you've made so beautifully! Don't feel bad about the SS, I think it was great. And with the fresh new year and all the planning and organizing you're doing, I'm sure it will be awesome! Happy New Year!

EmSewCrazy said...

Aww, too bad about your Cocoa! Thanks for the encouragement and participation you are putting in on the Stashbusting. I'm looking forward to our new year!

Chuleenan said...

Your hits are great. I'm impressed that you sewed chiffon! That's something I have yet to sew - though I have some in my stash. I haven't had any terrible fails because I didn't get that much sewing done this year. The stuff I have made I worn in public. ;)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks Chuleenan! I was surprised at how easy chiffon was.
It's always good to be able to comfortably wear what we've made in public! Here's to more of that in 2015!