Friday, February 5, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

My fabrics!
In true shoot for the moon, land among the stars mantra I'm joining two Capsule wardrobe challenges. Pattern Review and Sew-a-Longs
Pattern Review has a shorter time frame and a stricter garment policy: 10 garments consisting of 2 bottoms, 2 tops, 1 topper and 5 wild cards which all must go together.

If I can't make that I should be able to have a solid entry for Sew-along which is a considerably longer time frame and a more relaxed approach of a cohesive wardrobe of 8 pieces all your choice.

I think I have my plans figured out... we'll start with the hardest piece.

The Topper (which must go with everything)

I've been wanting to make this jacket for FOREVER so it's about time! Turquoise corduroy is what I've also had picked out forever so I had to reconcile myself to the fact that all pieces must coordinate with it.

The Bottoms
I've had these fabrics earmarked for trousers for an abysmally long time and it's about time they get made up. The brown corduroy will be my Maritime Shorts Jeans hack and the sparkle denim will be another lovely pair of Endeavours. I'm hoping the stretch in it will compensate for wearing over leggings during these cold months since the ones I've already made with zero stretch are too snug.

The Tops

This seems to be my biggest wardrobe hole, dressy work appropriate tops so I'm going to make quite a few.
Daisy Tunic in Red Flannel

Lani Tunic with those two cottons as my base fabrics and I'll figure out the other coordinate fabrics when I get there.

Some sort of Cabarita hack in this turquoise stripe that is running vertically down the fabric!! So it will be cut on the bias and I'm toying with trying to figure out long sleeves... I guess it will depend on my fabric yardage.

My Kimono Top pattern for the silk skirt I'm going to up cycle
I think a cute vintage blouse for the red vintage polka dots. I forgot to take a photo of it...

A Dress

I love dresses and this brown wool with a tiny turquoise plaid stripe will make a lovely 50's vibe winter one. Now I need to figure out how to wash the wool...

A Gauzy Thing

Not sure if this will be a top or a dress... we'll see when I get the fabric laid out. Since it is so sheer I think I want to try this voluminous vintage dress pattern I've been hoarding. Definitely the short dress length... but short or long sleeves?

My only concern with this mix is that the jacket will not pair well with my tunic tops. What do you think? I was reassured it would be ok and I know I'll wear the turquoise jacket once it is made just not sure about these tops...

This stacks up to four TNT patterns, a PDF jacket I must muslin for fit, three vintage patterns, and two PDF Tunics from a new to me company (hoping the sizing will be consistent for both)

Now for my real dilemma! What should I call my collection? Do you have any catchy name ideas?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Building A Sewing Business! Subscribe!

Well Sewing Friends,
  I have made some decisions and decided to spread my wings! Long have I deliberated on how to promote my business without turning my blog into a giant boring advertisement and the solution was really quite simple once I thought about it. Create an email list!

I'd like to introduce you to: EmSewCrazy's Snippets & Surprises

This email will be sent out... monthly? Or less... Haven't figured all that out yet. If I don't have any amazing finds or sales or cool things to show you why would I send an email to just clutter up your inbox? 
When I do send you an email it will always be connected to sewing somehow... whether it's something I've made that expresses our love for sewing or delightful vintage fabric and patterns I've picked up in my wanderings. 
I also want an easy, quick way to notify you of sales that are happening in the sewing world! So if you are interested... subscribe below and get your first surprise! A coupon code for my new collection!

What collection??

Let's celebrate Valentines Day expressing our love for those incredible buttons! I'm trying to bring vintage buttons back out into the light of day without harming them and these elegant and fun beauties are what I've come up with. This is just a sneak peek up on Etsy now. The rest will be released February 4th so you can shop and ship before the holiday. 

Not the best photo but... I'll also be releasing limited edition vintage embroidery pendants. All cut from damaged linens the delicate handwork still remains. They're perfect for Valentines because you can insert a small love note in the back if you so desire.

Ok... what do you think? Why do you sign up for newsletters and what do you like to read in them?

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

MuuMuu Confessions: Happy Homemade Sew Chic Blouse

Hello, my name is Emily and I love muumuus.

They are so comfy, flowy and easy to wear. They always look “Sew Chic” which is the name of the book I got this pattern from!
I used design D Blouse with Front Tucks with a couple of alterations. 
  • I lengthened the blouse to dress, shortened the sleeves and added cuffs. 
  • Decreased back pleat, partly as a design decision and partly to better accommodate my shoulders. I’m 5’10” with a 37” bust. I cut a size 12 which lists on the measurement chart 36 1/2 bust 29 waist and 38 1/2 hips.

We all know and love Japanese patterns for their simple designs with unique details that can showcase splendid fabrics. I used this magic on my vintage silk sari. It was a lot of fun to use the borders to highlight different design details. 

To completely use up the sari I made a simple top with the print that is only on the one end of the sari.  I ended up never wearing it so I gifted it to the friend you see in the photos with me. She loves purple and is just a tad smaller than I so it fits her better.

How has it worn? 
Oh man! Wearing silk is lovely! This turned into comfy loungewear after work at camp and became breathable pajamas when I came home and the wood stove started up. This was old silk so it pulled at the seams from the beginning. I'm not sure if I hand washed it this last time in too abrasive of soap but all of a sudden it has started shredding. I'm sad that its days are limited but I've been wearing it almost every night. 

Don't take our MuuMuus away!!!
Do you wear silk? What are your favorite pajamas to wear?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MuuMuu Confessions: Zsayla Tunic

“Friends don’t let friends wear MUUMUUS!” said my best friend as she rapidly dismissed me back into the dressing room. Well she’s married now, expecting her first and lives on the opposite end of the US from me. So here I am with two glorious tunic/dress things that I absolutely LOVE!

I bought the Zsayla Tunic pattern during a pattern parcel sale. I really liked its look but was worried it would be a bit too baggy so made it up first in this blue lightweight cotton. It turned out PERFECT! The designers of this pattern really got it right with just enough fullness without us drowning in the fabric. 

With my first success, I cut into my precious Kaffe Fassett fabric that was my big purchase of 2014! Thanks to Sarah, from Rinestones and Telephones, for introducing me to his fabrics. It took several tries to find a matching red for the yoke and sleeves. Finally something surfaced in the stash. I was hoping the length would come out alright and IT DID!!! 

I LOVE THIS DRESS! I really love this dress. The one thing that would make it better would be pockets but I LOVE THIS Dress. It makes me so happy when I wear it or even look at it. I let it hang to air dry and I don't usually need to even iron it. Hurrah for low upkeep. I wore it with a long sleeve shirt and leggings until it got too cold. I can't wait until spring and summer rolls back around! 

The Zsayla is a hit for me! Have you ever had a pattern turn out better than you expected? 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Whale and Sailor Boy

We wish you a merry Christmas, 
We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year! 

Gulp the Whale and Sailor Boy! They finally exist after a year of stewing around in my head. They will be off on adventures with my best friend's baby very soon! So happy they turned out so cute!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eliana Love

The burgundy came first. It was a mystery fabric with great drape yet weight. I think it's slowly shrinking in the wash.

Next came the silk sari with vintage mother of pearl buttons.

Finally the lavender wool for my friend. When she tried my burgundy dress on this summer she promptly turned to me and said, "My birthday is March 12th." Over Thanksgiving break, she came and we chose fabric and zipped it up so she could take it to her college Christmas party.

POCKETS!!! The cause of much squealing when they were discovered. 
I won this pattern in a giveaway from Busy Lizzy and it has quickly become an absolute favorite. I've worn my burgundy dress tons!

Pattern Changes

  • I can't remember what size I made but I'm 5' 10" and I added about six inches to the skirt. For the silk I added about an inch to the top pieces so it would be more blousey. 
  • Did a facing for the front opening instead of the ties. 
  • If you remove the ties buttons and loops work better than a hook and eye. Personal experience speaking. :)

My friend and I love our dresses and they are seeing much wear. Thanks to Pauline Alice for drafting a great little dress pattern and Lizzy for letting me win a copy! I'm sold.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Making

Grab a cuppa' and sit down for a breath.
Well Stashbusters,
Sounds like our Christmas plans are coming right along. If you are a Facebook user make sure to join our group and share in the encouragement and enabling. (psst... we will be doing it again next year)

Awhile ago I got sick of looking AT my pinterest and decided to actually make something! First I used up some strips for these little braided mug rugs... Not sure where these are going.

Then these cute round coasters were tantalizing me so I whipped some up in a weekend. This used up some of my scraps and more importantly a scrap of batting that I'd been hoarding for just such a reason. I was super tickled with my achievements!
The square ones were supposed to be round but the personalized "L" scrapped that idea.
Sewing, the ever evolving art.
As I was energized and ready to go on the next gifts on my list, I got a surprise email saying I made it into the big Christmas MADE Fair that was only three weeks away! What a surprise! I broke out the pliers and my button jars and made up some cute button earrings. (not that you can see the dent in my stash)...

Is it silly how happy I am to have a "butterfly" in Millefiori beads and Mother of Pearl buttons? 

I also made some Tiny Worlds that help grow big imaginations. This put another small dent in my scrap box and used up some of that weird yarn I couldn't get rid of either. It's those odd things that are so satisfying to use.

Ending the random craft supply usage spree was me further ruining some already damaged linens by making some beautiful glass pendants showcasing the lace and embroidery from years gone by.
Sorry for the sad ironing board photo but it was that or nothing!
It may not be a lot, but it is something... I really enjoyed giving new life to the buttons and the linens that could never be used again.

I've got a couple other big projects planned as soon as I go on Christmas break. How about you? Are you in the middle of Christmas Making Mayhem? Or are you waiting for the actual break? Will you get a break with time for sewing or be busy with family and friends?
Whatever you do keep up the good work! Our year is almost over!