Friday, May 30, 2014

Fixing The RTW Cardigan Problem Cocoa Shrug Review

When Steph released the Red Velvet collection I was most excited about Espresso and the shrug patterns so I went ahead and bought the whole collection. There’s been a big discussion in the MMM forums about how cardigans are one of the biggest gaps in all our wardrobes and I was especially wanting some fitted ones that hit at my natural waistline. Cocoa and Carmine seemed to fit the bill. 
I was a little worried starting out with the lack of reviews on it but the rest of Cake patterns I’ve tried worked out well so I decided to attack this fear head on and not let it hang over me all summer. Besides I needed a nice sweater. 

My fears were unfounded. While following step by step this pattern came together quickly and well. I chose the size based on my measurements and since I wanted it to hit at my natural waist I measured from shoulder to waist and ended up adding about two inches to the body of the pattern. I also cut the waistband at 4 1/2 inches because I wanted a thicker band. I also lengthened the sleeves because I want this sucker for warmth. 
Thankfully my gut led me correctly and it turned out the proper length. My head messed up when it came to the seam allowance and I sewed half the seams with too big of an allowance. Thanks to the power of knits it still fits. I am getting some odd wrinkles in the sleeve but I’m not sure if that’s because I lengthened it or because it is a bit too small.

A round of over exposed photos so you can see the wrinkles that appear sometimes.
It fits like a dream over my Red Velvet dress and I like it over regular tops too. It will definitely see a lot of wear this summer. It looks really nice hanging open as well as when it is closed. 

The front treatment gives you a great crisp opening line too. I always learn some new technique for knits when I use her patterns. I look forward to making some more up in the fall. 

Well that’s it for May! How did your stash busting go? I finished up two bottoms and three tops this month but I was also gifted a big box of fabric so…. How did you do? What do you think of my Cocoa and the pattern in general?


Becky W said...

Looks good!

Sharon said...

Great looking cardigan!

Heather Bee said...

Looks great even with wrinkles. I like it with the top you're wearing in the photos too.