Friday, May 9, 2014

MMM Week 1 of 2014 and Surprise Pattern Sale

Hey MMMayer's! I made it through the first weeks and the photo documentation is below in all it's terrible keeping it real style. Links to better photos and garment details are in the dates below each photo. If you're already sick of all the MMM posts the sale details are at the end of the post.... See ya round, like a donut!

MMM 14 week one
May 1st Top
May 2nd Dress
May 3rd Top
May 4th
May 4th Skirt
May 5th
May 5th Top
May 6th
May 6th
Cake Espresso Leggings
Unseen Tunic
May 7th
same outfit as the 6th plus some amazing earrings you can't really see all
the cool details.

May 8th Long sleeve top apparently never blogged. Pretty basic

May 9th
Maxi Red Velvet

My Pre Camp Sale!
Before I head off into the wilds of Montana for the summer I wanted to purge some of my inventory, especially some of the fabrics... my car can only hold so much. :) MONDAY is going to be a huge PatternPatter Blitz, with world wide publicity and tons of patterns flooding the Etsy marketplace.
Before all of that happens I wanted to give my lovely blog readers a chance at my goodies early so I started my sale today! All the markdowns are already taken so all you have to do is fill your carts full of goodies so I can turn around and buy all those new patterns I'm loving from the MMM pool. :)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm going to try to finally finish the never ending jeans!

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