Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Enfolded By Love

Hello... Reader,

 I've packed everything up for camp and traveled a couple hundred miles to see my baby brother and some friends before camp training starts next week.

You don't realize what you're missing until it is there. The last couple days I have been embraced gently by love. As I had my very first soak in one of those claw foot tubs that were built for soaking, comfort surrounding me, I realized this was a visible expression of what had happened these last two days.
We're staying with some friends, a fabulous couple, a bit older than my parents. She offered her personal bathroom to me when she overheard me telling my mom I was going down to take a bath. They rearranged their menu so I could safely eat gluten free with them. They are the most giving, kind, funny and knowledgeable people... their house breathes comfort and the ease that comes upon you when you realize you have walked into a safe environment.

The night before, we saw my brother at his friend's house. With barely 24hrs notice they invited us to their Memorial day cookout. People I had never met before hugged me, included me, and made me feel ever so welcome. They invited me to play sports with them even after I showed how abysmal I was at them. I don't think I ever did hit that badminton birdie but they still had me get up there and play. It was another environment permeated by love and kindness.

I cannot describe how refreshed and thankful I am. As my nerves start to grow as the time comes to meet the strangers I'll be spending all summer with I only hope I can make the atmosphere around me as loving as what I have experienced these last couple days.

But this is a sewing blog and this has NOTHING to do with sewing. I disagree! Most of our sewing is done because we love the craft and some of our best work comes from love. Like my newest tunic top...

I really don't like the way my arms look hanging out of sleeveless tops. I didn't say anything about it in my last post and you all left such nice comments I thought, "Maybe this is all in my head." When I was gifted this very small piece of vintage fabric I immediately fell in love with it and buoyed by your comments cut out a sleeveless tunic before I could second guess myself.

This is how I'm wearing it most of the time
I love it and I love you all. We throw that word around so much it tends to lose it's meaning. But when you actually experience it, when it reaches out and touches your life, you can only sit back in amazement and bask as you are enfolded by love.


Heather Bee said...

Awwwww, Emily. Have a great time at camp. Hugs! Also I like the new tunic, pretty pretty fabric indeed.

EmSewCrazy said...

Hugs to you! This is one of the tunics I got made! There's one more crazy knit one that I got done during my whirlwind sewing. I couldn't disappoint the Tiki? Goddess!

Sharon said...

Lovely tunic and wear it the way you feel comfortable and with a small bit of colour your arms mightn't bother you as much. Have a great time at camp.