Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Janey Jump Up Dress Kawasaki Style

 Somebody had a birthday!

Not only is November my birthday month but it is also Giggle’s birthday. She was supposed to come on my birthday but came early instead…

  Giggles can be such a serious little person in public and when she is on a mission. When she sews with me she’s very focused. We love looking at different outfits on Pinterest and while she thinks I should make them all she liberally dispenses some of the skirts and dresses to her sisters, usually by color. Her color is GREEN. Preferably bright green. But she’s not terribly particular; as long as it’s mostly green she’ll wear any other color with it. 

Mom and I went through the stash and found this lovely bright green I had buried since it’s not my cup of tea. So yea for more Stashbusting! I decided to try the Janey Jump Up pattern I received from Peekaboo Pattern Shop for signing up for their newsletter. 

I used this AMAZING method for putting the PDF pattern together, and used plastic drop cloth to trace the size I needed. 
Plastic drop cloth works well except for the edges being a bit hard to see when cutting if you don’t have good light. I use weights and a rotary cutter. I wouldn’t recommend drop cloth if you use pins and scissors.

Pattern Alterations: I wanted this to be a long dress on her so I add 5 inches to the bottom of the dress. You can see for a long dress I needed every bit of the length.

This was a pretty easy pattern to follow. I read through the directions in the beginning then sewed it together in one evening.  On the hanger I was afraid it would look a bit like a nightgown but not so much once it is on.

The pattern suggested using ribbing and the only ribbing that went well with the dress was some purple I had. I thought it would be a fun accent color that I played up in the buttons and decorative stitching. It wasn’t until I was telling her mother about it that I realized I made a dress that matches daddy’s favorite color scheme: Kawasaki green and purple… Happy Birthday Giggles.

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