Monday, March 11, 2013

My March Plans

Hey Stashbusters!!
  Are the seasons changing yet for you? The wind still bites like winter here even if the sun is shining a bit brighter. I've got some ambitious plans for a piece of dark brown chocolatey velvet I snagged at a thrift store awhile back.

I love jackets and this amazing vintage one is begging me to make it up in time for Easter to go over my first 50's dress attempt. I'll have to resize this pattern and I may add a band around the bottom so it sits at my natural waistline. It's my first time sewing with real velvet and I may add a lining too. I feel like that's a lot of firsts in one project so I'm not going to plan too many more March Stashbusting Goals.

I have to start and finish my Covert Robin gift, finish up some trip toys for the visit to Salt Lake City, Utah the end of this month, and make up a custom dress order so I'd say March is pretty full already. But.....

Look what I got in the mail today!!!
I must admit I wasn't as super excited about this pattern release as I was for Tiramisu or as impatient as I am to get my copy of Hummingbird but I decided to enter a giveaway over at Disparate Disciplines and I WON!!! Whoo Hoo!! My first win! I was even more excited when I saw these pictures!

The Droolworthy Source
This asymmetrical Pavlova has given me SO MANY IDEAS!! You all know how much I love asymmetry with Tira and I can't wait to play with this skirt now! 

So how about you? What are your seasonal plans? Has the weather started to warm or cool in your area  of the globe? Are you like me, longing for spring?


Cation Designs said...

It might be rubbing it in, but it's been gorgeously warm here for the last two weeks, so I'm overdue for some spring clothing! How funny that you're working on a velvet jacket -- I just decided to work on a velvet coat!

EmSewCrazy said...

I don't mind when its cold it's just the wind that bothers me. It is so bitter right now even when the sun makes it look like it is nice out.
Fun that we will be working on velvet jackets together!! I'm actually really excited to get started on mine now!