Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Ruching Techinques

I had a request from Christina on how I made the skirt and gathers for my winter Tiramisu. So here's goes another tutorial attempt.

First, the circle skirt is very easy. Basically I did the first four steps Steph shows for the pavlova. I used fabric instead of the tracing medium and the Tiramisu skirt pattern. I just made sure the edges of my waist sides were touching and cut the circle out of the center of my fabric.

The Tira skirt is shaped differently from the Pavlova so you cannot
line it up on the edges like in Steph's illustration.
The whole point is to have a circle/oval cut from the center.

I staggered the two layers so you have no Angelina Jolie
leg moments while wearing the square skirts. This is why semi sheers
work well with this design.
Gathering/ Ruching Technique
  I have three different ways I gather fabric depending on it's type and how it will behave. This is the one I decided to use on the Tira skirt since it is so full and there isn't a lot of pulling on it to pop the stitches.
First I wore it around the house with a safety pin holding the gathers. When
it didn't pop or pull with wear I decided it could be safely hand sewn.
Pinch all the layers together. Starting at the bottom of your gathers go
through all the layers coming back down through the top. Kind of
like sewing on a button. Do this several times and knot your thread
at the bottom.
Tada! You're done!
That's it. Two super simple little twists to add some fun to a project. Go and make a handkerchief hem skirt for whatever weather is headed your way. It's sure to be twirly!

Have you ever made a handkerchief hem skirt before? Do you love twirly skirts? 


Unknown said...

Way to be creative, and informative! :) I like the twirly skirts, but am not on a path to make one any time soon!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! Glad it made sense to you!

Christina Gilman said...

Thanks for the how-to! I'm curious: without the gathers, do the points of your rectangle drag on the floor?

I do like full skirts (I don't twirl in them, generally), especially in the summer. I'm experimenting with less-than-full skirts, though, as part of my Wardrobe Improvement Project, mostly because I want to try the variety and I think straighter skirts might looks a little more polished.

Oh, and in case I didn't include it last time, here's the link to the one handkerchief hem skirt I've made:

My daughter loves the twirly!

EmSewCrazy said...

Hi Christina,
The tips of the rectangles touch the floor which is how I kind of planned them to be. I may go back in and trim the points tapering up the sides so the skirt stays long in the "short dips". I only gathered in that one spot so it didn't affect most of the points.

I don't think there's much classer than a well fitted pencil skirt although nothing beats the easy wear of a full skirt!

I like your skirt! I think that's a cute design. Glad your daughter loves the twirlyness! You're only young once!