Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing the Cowboy Star Pants

I showed my not-nephew, Little Man, the amazing cowboy fabric and it's twinkling night sky. We both loved it but I wasn't sure what to do with it until Rae of Made by Rae, released her Parsley Pants pattern. I really enjoy her boy designs and inspirations. He told me he wanted long pants to wear outside. It was a very cold March and this is a light cotton fabric. I was able to hold him back until this Thursday when he walked in the door and practically dragged me downstairs to make "the cowboy star pants, today."

He helped me carefully tape the pieces together and whisked fabric bits away as soon as I got it cut. Just when I was ready to head to the sewing machine he informed me he wanted pockets on his back. I got him to compromise with pockets on the front.
Rae's done a great job with the directions with extra tips on seam finishes to make the pants wear well along with all the modifications available. During nap time I was able to get most of it sewn. I opted to serge the seams then stitch them down. When Little Man likes his clothes he wears them until his mother peels them off his grubby back to throw them in the wash.
He seems to be going through a shy phase when it comes to the camera. He immediately shoved his hands into his pockets and wouldn't take them out til I asked him to sit down. I think they are a success. 
So does he.


Cation Designs said...

Those might be the best boy pants I've ever seen. I used to think that only girls could get cute sewn things, but you are totally proving me wrong!

EmSewCrazy said...

Well the fabric was pretty awesome to begin with but at the same time I was pretty impressed with how well these turned out. I agree that boy designs are hard to find but this pattern is a keeper!