Monday, June 17, 2013

Brown Tencel Tunic

 After several pilly tee shirts and see through online knit buys, I went on a hunt for a more satisfying knit experience. I did my research and found tencel. It is supposed to wear extremely well; getting softer the longer you use it. It is also supposed to have moisture wicking abilities and odor killing properties. For all the “green” people out there tencel is good for the earth, I don’t remember exactly why and how, but good for the earth is always, well, good.

Sorry about the lighting, still working on photos.

What I made: I wanted to add this to my traveling wardrobe. I chose long sleeves since I’m usually cold and wanted something that felt like a dress but not a dress so I don’t have problems with airport security and have easy access to my insulin pump. I also decided to jump on the high/low trend. 

Pattern: Altered TNT knit shirt to tunic.

What I learned:
  • High/low hem. If I do this again in a lightweight fabric I will not flair out the front side seam so the back will swoop up in a clean line instead of rippling and folding on itself. 
  • High/low hems are easy to draw in. I lengthened the front about an inch and freely drew in the back curve.
  • Skinny arm bands for an easy clean finish. 
  • I used Megan N. tutorial for the neckbinding. It worked wonderfully.
  • Embroidery on Knits
  1. I used double sided wonder under to tack the hem down. It took longer than usual for it to adhere.
  2. After various transfer experiments I decided to freehand the design. I did the bottom running stitch along the measured hemline then laid down masking tape for the top line. I freehanded the stars being careful to not pull the stitches too tight. 
  • At the last minute I decided to scrunch up a scrap for some fun neckline detail and loosely embroidered it on so there would be some red at the top to pull it together.

The verdict: I’m in love!! The fabric was thinner than I was expecting but it is buttery smooth and silky. You feel like you are wrapped in a deliciously soft, warm cloud. Worn alone the wind will blow through it but worn as an under-layer it heats you right up. 
The first time I wore it over 24 hours straight. I put it on in the afternoon, slept in it, got up and wore it all day. There were no wrinkles and no stink. We’ll see how it does when I get all sweaty. 
I love the pop of color the embroidery gives it, how simple the style is and how easy it will be to dress up or down. Now I just need to make some skinny jeans to go with it!
Feeling fabulous. Dog and kitty, not so much...


Gretchen said...

I really love the embroidered details and neck ruffle detail on this! It takes it from being a plain shirt to something special. And I like the tunic idea, too. Lovely!

Cation Designs said...

Haha yay tunics again! You've done a great job turning this into more than just another random tee. I love the red on brown!

More info on tencel:

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, I was pretty tickled with the embroidery. I felt it needed something to dress it up a bit.

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks. Red and brown is my new favorite color combination. That article was what started me on the tencel journey. Thanks for finding it again!

Sarah Liz said...

What a versatile garment that can be worn 24 hours , from sleep to wake and back again:)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, I was pretty impressed with how it wore.