Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Black Tie Pattern Event


Hello Everyone else! Or should I say,
 Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. You are all cordially invited to my wonderful team's Black Tie Blitz.

I personally will be offering 20% off your entire order with the coupon code: BLKTIE20

I did some revamping of my shop and thought I'd share a little run down of how I break things up and give you some deal finding secrets.
Fabulous Frock Patterns
This is what it says, all my lovely dress patterns for Bust Sizes 30 to 36 if you want anything bigger you need to check out my Buxom Beauties section for Busts 38 and up.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you've got do is call,
If you're just looking for a good deal, which sometimes is all we're looking for, I made a totally new category, Eight Dollars or Less
This is where you'll find most of my modern patterns, very simple designs, the ones I think are just plain ugly, and the occasional incomplete pattern.

I also have a category for all the Magnificent Men in our lives! Hopefully I'll get it better filled out soon.
This is what passes for dress up where I live. I'm planning on getting it counted
and listed...

While all other pajama patterns go in my other new section, Unmentionables and PJs, Men get to keep theirs separate.

If you're sick of sewing clothes, check out my Holiday and Crafts, full of random sewing books, knitting and crochet patterns, and all the creepy doll patterns I manage to buy.

Or if you're looking for some special fabric for that special vintage pattern check out Fabric Books and Notions for all the wild and weird fabrics I can find, in remnants, sheets and yardage. 

If you think all this is fabulous and want to see more be sure to stop by our PatternPatter's Blitz thread on Friday for the main list of shop sales and all the new patterns getting listed throughout the day.
Thank you for your patience with this announcement. I'm off to wriggle into my dress.... See you there!

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