Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winterizing My Snowdrop Tiramisu

I feel a bit guilty that my first two renditions of Cake Pattern's Tiramisu have been total hacks. Although maybe it speaks to the quality of the pattern drafting that I was able to do this from the get go and still end up with wearable garments. I loved it so much but I knew if I was going to make it work for my winters I would need to make some adjustments.

1. Eliminate the V-neck wrap top.
Fix: I aligned the center front line on the fold and drew in a scoop neckline.

2. Add long sleeves.
Fix: Used Steph's Long Sleeve Hack to draft myself some sleeves. Note: My sleeves ended up tight at the bottom as well and I figured out why!! While seam allowance is included at the armhole the line we draw to is our wrist measurement with NO SEAM ALLOWANCE INCLUDED. For the knit I used it is a pretty tight fit.

3. Make the skirt longer
Fix: First I have to say I have been wanting to do a handkerchief hem for YEARS. With this dress, I finally had the perfect fabric pair to do it with! I cut a bit smaller than the waistband measurement out of the center of two rectangles, staggered them and got a floor length circle skirt!
Details, details, it's all in the details. I'm pretty proud of my topstitching here especially since
I had to recut the white neckline. I love these two fabrics together, such great texture.
The hem is staggered all over the place giving it that hippie, free spirited vibe I was going for.
As you can see I ended up pairing the lacy blue floral knit with the white stripe my friend gave to me. Both were semi-sheer so it was perfect in more ways than one! The blue knit was also a stashbust since I have had it since before college.
It has a doubly amazing twirl factor.

It also works well for hide and seek!

While cutting a circle skirt like I did meant no pockets, the double
skirt layer means I can still pick up and carry things.
I'm not sure if these are the best colors for me to be wearing but it is super comfy and I think it will be a great run around the house dress. I'm waiting to see if the bias drops on the skirt. I may end up trimming it a bit shorter.
The most normal shot...
So what do you think? Pretty crazy or pretty comfy?


Cation Designs said...

I love handkerchief hems, and it's so great to see a winterized version of the TIra. I'm also of the opinion that pretty crazy and pretty comfy don't have to be mutually exclusive ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this, especially the hem! It looks so comfy!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, it is very comfy. I love the pull over your head and go looks.

EmSewCrazy said...

Yea!! Glad to know I'm not alone in my love of handkerchief hems and crazy outfits!

Christina Gilman said...

More details on how you did the skirt, please? Including the gathered-up bit (with rosettes, or just gathers?)? The one handkerchief hemline I did was out of squares instead of rectangles, and the high points on the hem are, well, really high.

EmSewCrazy said...

Hey Christina,
I'll get some pictures and do a post about the skirt. I think that will be easier than trying to explain it here. Yes the handkerchief hemline does have some VERY high points which is why I was so tickled to find two fabrics to work together to eliminate that problem.

Borsmenta said...

Kinda both actually. Looks really cool, I love the color/fabric matching too.

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! I was so tickled when I got the white fabric! I knew it would work perfectly with the blue and I would finally get to make that skirt!