Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Spy

Next week I'm off on an adventure that involves children, airplanes and hospitals. I've been thinking of SMALL fun things I can pack to make the trip fun.
I've been wanting to make one of these I spy bags for a long while now. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.
I made a mistake when I decided to write down all the items you are supposed to find. Once I pieced it all together it ended up being much to big and heavy for me to want to tote it through the airport. It ended up being about 9x6 inches.

I used left over stripes for the cloth body and cut a piece of heavy plastic out of one of those zipper bags that you get your sheets or bedding in.

While I only left about a three inch hole to pour the rice through, I ended up sewing all across the end to make it look a bit nicer. I figured machine stitching is going to be more secure than me invisibly hand stitching it closed. It's not a total fail though. We had some impromptu babysitting to do today and the new toy went over very well.

Photo Booth went over even better.
Hope you all have a great week and Happy Sewing!


Unknown said...

LOVE IT!! I can't wait to use it on the plane! yay for awesome friends!!

EmSewCrazy said...

You get to carry it then! That thing is heavy! Next time I'm making it smaller.