Friday, February 1, 2013

February Stashbusting!

It's February my friends!! The first month of 2013 is over and what a month it has been! Before I show you all the amazing makes of January scraps I want to talk about what we are doing for February.
DIY Yarn Love Letters
It's a Challenge Month!! What's a Challenge Month, you ask? Well, any month that says CHALLENGE means that if you sew along with our theme, you can enter your finished project in a contest! We'll all vote on our favorite makes and you'll get bragging rights and a tiny but AMAZING prize.  So without more ado,

February's LOVE CHALLENGE!!!
 Challenge Details:
  • Since February is the month of LOVE that's our theme and focus of the challenge. Making things for those you love.
  • Near the end of February, Cation will be hosting another link party for your projects, then all stashbusters can vote for their favorites! We'll announce the top five voter favorites, and pick the winner from them the first week of March.  
Challenge Rules:
  • Item must be made for someone else, preferably someone you care about and not some random stranger or inanimate object. Pets also count.
  • Item must be made primarily from stash fabrics, you are allowed to buy notions, if needed.
To Enter:
  • Item must be entered in the link party by February 28th. 
  • Leave a description of why this item is so perfect for the one you love.

February Pinspiration full of inspiring mushyness. 
 Our Flickr group, please continue posting All stashbusting projects here, including your challenge photos because it is so inspiring to see all your creativity.

Speaking of inspiration, look at some of the amazingness that happened in January!
beautiful quilts were a popular choice

McCalls 6604
Ferocious Stashbuster here!
Alex & Anna Winter PJs modeled 3
Some of the cutest pjs ever seen!
The prison bra!

January stashbusting: itty bits
Lovely print into sewing machine cover.

My scrappy pencil pouch
Pouches were popular too.
Guys, there were so many amazing projects and this is only a taste! Go check out the rest of the makes at the Flickr pool and Cation's link party. There are still two days left to join in so everyone can see what you have been up to. I didn't even include any of the amazing stash pictures. (they'll either make you feel guilty or relieved at your fabric.)
Thanks for participating with such enthusiasm in January. I can't wait to see what February brings us! Hello to all our newest stashbusters as well! It is never too late to take the pledge!

So who do you love enough to stashbust for?


Carolyn said...

I'm enjoying the challnege Em! I am planning some "love" themed things, but they might not strictly fit in with those rules, c'est la vie!

EmSewCrazy said...

As long as you're stashbusting who are we to complain! :)
I forgot to say non challenge participating is ok as well. This can be the time to smash some of the personal stashbusting goals you have set for yourselves.

kbenco said...

Another great challenge. I'm flattered that you like the shorts.

EmSewCrazy said...

Glad you like the challenge! Your shorts are very cute! You should be proud!

Sharon Kwilter said...

I just finished my February LOVE challenge and I'm feeling quite lost about what to work on next. You guys got me inspired to sew!

EmSewCrazy said...

You could jump ahead to April's Vibrant Color Challenge. Since you quilt it may take you longer than a month to make something even though you have finished these quickly. Or you could think of someone else who may need a lap quilt?