Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Love Sewing


Hi Stashbusters,
Sorry about the large notice but I don't want to bias my recipient until she has had a chance to wear the stuff herself.
This is definitely cake sewing and it wasn't for me so the photos don't look too terrific. We all need some good basics and no one needs them more than a young mother of five. My good friend Natosha, picked up this fabric at Wally world for a $1. a yard and told me to make stuff.

I loved the color of the red and started in with some basic long sleeve shirts. One was supposed to be for me and one for her. To keep the sewing interesting I made one raglan sleeve and one a set in sleeve.  I should have paid attention but the lure of the sewing kept me from properly evaluating my fabric. This knit has almost NO stretch. So they are a tad too small for me. I guess she'll just get two shirts to wear around the house. Anything else I make with this fabric will be treated as a woven and maybe I'll get results I am more satisfied with.

On to better and brighter things, the white knit she purchased did stretch well and has a lovely cream stripe going on! I love tone on tone prints!! She didn't want a white top for five small reasons but she did like the white and blue fabric together. When we decided to make her a cowl neck top, I knew what to do with the white!
Isn't it pretty fabric. It's actually two thin layers attached with tons of tiny threads.
So soft and squishy! Anyone know what it's called?

I curved the ends because I could. I wanted it to be a dual purpose tank top and double as a nightshirt if needed. While we are both tall, seeing it on the dress form makes me wonder if I cut it excessively long....

Now for a few numbers:
February Stash Goals: 7 garments planned, 3 accomplished, 4 left.

Stashbusting Year Goal: 27 garments planned, 3 accomplished, 24 left.

How's your February Stashbusting going? Have you ever ignored the warnings fabric gave and had it tell in the garment results?
It's raining tiny snowballs here. All three animals were in the box together
but got shy when we caught them snuggling out our window.


Carolyn said...

Those are some nice basics :) Awww, but look at those cute kitties and doggie outside in the hut together! So sweet!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks. It doesn't make for the most thrilling of posts. Yes the animals were too cute together! Had to share their love.

Cation Designs said...

Bwahaha loved the introductory warning :) And the adorable fluffballs and their house.

Those shirts look nice and practical, and that tone on tone stripe fabric is gorgeous! It sounds like double gauze fabric, but then I've never heard of one in knit before. At any rate, good for you sewing for others!

EmSewCrazy said...

I got to use some of the tone on tone knit for myself too! So excited.

The animals were so super cute I had to add them. They aren't as well trained as Walnut when it comes to posing for photo shoots but we'll see if I can't break them in.

Unknown said...

LOVE the shirts Emily! Thank-you soooo much! YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL FRIEND IN THE WORLD!! HUGS~

EmSewCrazy said...

Yea! It only took three shirts before you decided to comment! :) So glad you like them!