Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pants In The Jar

Hey, January Stashbusters! We switched things up on you! Head on over to Cation Designs and post a link to your projects this month. We decided to try Cindy hosting a link party of everyone's projects and I'll do a little round up of my favorites so no one gets left out. In the interest of no one getting left out and preserving our sanity, we are also going to change the Stashbusting Headquarters board to only Cindy and my stashbusting posts so it will stay uncluttered and you all will easily be able to find out what is going on. So please link up to your projects and join us for our first Challenge!



While I am using fabric from my stash and I even used up some itty bits for the pocket bags today I'm going to be talking about my 2013 Sewlution and Pocket construction.

This is actually two goals for 2013 in one. I wanted to participate more with the online sewing community so when I saw Karen's, from Did You Make That?, challenge I decided to comment. What could comment hurt? I wasn't even sure I made it in time to meet the deadline. Her successive posts made me realize I had committed to something much bigger than I expected and if I fail public shame will be my lot!

So what did I put as my 2013 Sewlution? To not buy any pants/trousers this year but to make them all! I have 5 fabrics already earmarked as pants or shorts and one pattern pretested so I figured this was a reasonable goal and the push I needed since pants still fill me with trepidation and a bit of confusion. Apparently I was not alone in this goal either as it came in as one of the top 5 sewlutions.

Which brings me to today's post. I cut my first sewlution pair of pants out, it will be the second real pair I have made. The first time around I was confused by the 4 different pieces I had to cut for the pockets so I decided to share what I learned and show the funness you can add when you know what they are for!
This is the line drawing for the pockets on my pants.
Here's all 4 pocket pieces. 

The pocket facing and the front yoke need to be cut from
the fashion fabric because they are the bits that will be visible.
The insides which form the pocket bag can be whatever fun
fabric you choose since they will not be seen. I chose to
use some fun wax print remnants I had been given.

You layer and topstitch the fashion fabric to the pocket bags.

The inside bag or "pocket lining" that gets sewn to your
pants front looks like this.

I really like these two together. I love a bit
of surprise where it is unexpected.

This is what they look like layered together inside your
pants. All the fun print is covered so it will not show
on the right side.

I don't know if that helps you or not, call me silly, it confused me ( plus I was being a whiny baby about making pants). So what do you think of my fun pockets? Do you ever add elements of surprise to your garments?

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