Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dress that Wasn't For Christmas

I started this beauty at the beginning of December intending it to be my Christmas dress, and it got promptly shelved in all the Christmas creativity/mayhem that ensued. Thankfully things calmed down after Christmas and when I wasn't feeling terrible from being sick from that strange bug going around and the bonus high blood sugars that went with it I was able to get some UFOs done. This little corduroy jumper was on the list!

Butterick 7434 is a gem!

This was originally going to be part of Mari's Foundation Garment Challenge since it was a warm basic that would allow me to integrate, don't roll your eyes, some beautiful jewelry I never get to wear.
See I have this an another beautiful double strand blue necklace.
My handmade earrings also went perfectly with this ensemble,
which was not even dreamed about when I made them.
So back to the pattern! Butterick7434 is a great 50s wiggle dress with some unique construction. There is only one piece for the front and the back. You cut two and sew up a center front and back seam. All the shaping is done with darts! This is a great idea, especially when you don't have a lot of fabric. It also makes the dress easy to adjust to our more modern shapes since you can sew the darts a little less in some spaces and a little more in others.
Two open vertical darts and two bust darts on the front.
The vertical darts add some fun to the front.

Four vertical darts add shaping to the back.
The zipper hides in one of the long side dart. 

I made this a one piece pattern by omitting the facings
and finishing the neckline and armholes with bias binding.
I made sure to trim off the extra seam allowance first.
  This pattern leaves lots of room for adjusting to your shape but after wearing it for a day I did notice the bust darts need a little bit of work. Since I don't wear a bullet bra, (shocker, I know) the bust darts could come in and down just a scooch more. I think it will be easy to fix since I'm just working around the tip.
   I put in a one inch hem which hits me just below the knee. Its a good length since the skirt is fitted all the way down.
  The corduroy was a dream to work with. I did all my pressing on the wool side of my pressing ham or on a towel so I wouldn't smoosh the fabric's nap. I think I'm in love with corduroy and want to make one of those amazing 50s or 60s skirts with buttons and funky pockets next.
  Have you ever sewn a wiggle dress or worked with corduroy???


Carolyn said...

All the shaping with darts? that does sound like a very interesting pattern! I love that you chose that bright cheerful colour :)

EmSewCrazy said...

It was a fun project. I really like the color too! I needed something to liven up these drab winters!