Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sewing Musings and Partial Plans

Hello Fellow Sewists,
  I feel like I'm wandering around in a bubble of... well I don't really know what. I've gotten some projects sewn this month; but the bad bit of sewing floaty silk dresses in January in Montana is you can't actually wear them without turning as purple as the fabric. Oh photographs! The bane of our blogging existence.

  I got some of my UFO's done and have cut several things out that I'm now staring at... and there are the projects I'm dithering on... help!

I've got this beautiful creamy white sweatshirt knit from my #StorageUnitHaul (which is now my official twitter hashtag for all those goodies I post) There was some fun red and gold bias tape made up as well and I think it would look lovely used a faux piping around a shawl collar I'm planning on stealing from this vintage Butterick pattern. My first thought was to make this a circle skirt sweatshirt dress but how am I going to wear a massive white dress practically? The sad conclusion is I'm not so what can I make instead? Something cute with a shawl collar. Any ideas? Photo inspiration is welcome.

pretty plaid
Link here

 I'm very inspired by this flannel shirt on Pinterest and when I found this gorgeous flannel in my new stash I knew it was meant to be. I just have to prewash it... which is a big deal right now because we're using a laundry mat about every two weeks.

I dithered about the pattern but I think I've settled on the Marie Osmond one because it is closer to my size and the original inspiration image.

Then there is this! I'm planning on making a tunic version of this out of some oatmeal knit sometime this winter minus the front pocket because I just think it's dumb. It's not like we're actually going to put anything in there. I know it's for aesthetic purposes but it is a pocket! A utilitarian thing! Only not. What do you think?
1/5 color/Red Long Dress / Casual Dress/Cotton by Eloneeclothing,
So how is the month going for you? Are you getting any sewing done? Remember to upload your stash busting photos to the Flickr group so they have a chance of being featured in our end of the month roundup. Thanks for reading my sewing dreams because who knows what I will actually end up sewing! 


STH said...

I like the shawl collar idea . . . how about making it tunic length to wear over leggings? Maybe with a shirt tail hem? (Though a curved hem can be a pain in a knit fabric.)I can't think of anything more cuddly and comfy than a sweatshirt tunic and leggings.

As for the tunic over the skirt, I love it (and love the pocket that picks up the skirt fabric), but I'm definitely too well-upholstered to wear that much bulky fabric. ;)

Borsmenta said...

Well, your're not alone with having stuff cut out. I have a nice dress cut out before I realized I'm pregnant again. It's not going to be finished until Sept-Oct for sure. I hope I get back to my normal size fast the fabric is a wonderful wool-polyester blend.
Why don't you try the Camas pattern without having the buttons all the way down for your shirt? You could make it a bit longer and add the button-up details onto the sleeves.

EmSewCrazy said...

Good ideas! I am really starting to love anything over leggings. It is so comfy!

EmSewCrazy said...

Well Congrats on the new little one! That's a big exciting change.
Funny, I just sewed a Camas and didn't think of it at all. Will have to throw that into the equation and ponder a bit.