Monday, January 19, 2015

Thread Theory Camas Blouse Review

Transparency Alert: I am on the Thread Theory Pattern Tester List so I was given this pattern in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own.

Come near my dear, let me tell you all about it!

When a Thread Theory email popped up in my inbox I was so bummed because we had just moved and both my brothers were inaccessible at the moment. So you can imagine my delight when I opened the email and found a women’s pattern. A pattern full of color blocking potential and a really unique design!

I rummaged through what I had on hand and decided on this gorgeous drapey jersey print and a coordinating sheet. The pattern said you could mix wovens and knits which is something I’ve been wanting to try. 

I’m 5’10” with a 37” bust. I cut a Size 12 with the longest hem length. 
Thread Theory gets 10 points in my book for giving you a detailed chart of all the finished garment measurements from sleeve length to neckline drop. This is SO helpful for a knit pattern because I never know how to account for the stretch when measuring the flat pattern for knits.
Better photo here

Changes I Made
  • Since the yokes were cut from a woven I did not use any interfacing
  • Since my jersey was so drapey and fiddly I eliminated the facings and front placket and used a band to finish my neckline and sleeves.
  • I sewed the CF seam closed. This was a baste and try on operation because I could not find a Center Front line on the pattern. I was going to cut it out on the fold but forgot. I ended up sewing a 1 3/4 inch seam.

Meet the Camas Blouse.

  • The pleats/gathers are so so pretty! I love them! 
  • The built in color blocking potential is wonderful
  • Watch the neckline! For my size the V neck was noted as 8 inches which was lower than I would wear comfortably. With my changes I brought it up to a more comfortable place although this top still allows navel gazing for you and others when you bend over.
  • Next time I'll add a little more length to the body so I'm more comfortable when I raise my arms. I'm not sure if it rides up because of the woven yokes or just cause.
  • I think this would make a superb early and post maternity top. It’s drapey yet fitted so you cover those bits that are recovering from having a baby without making you feel swamped in miles of fabric. Whether you install the front placket or not this neckline would allow easy access for breastfeeding. Never having kids, I cannot speak with authority on this but it seems to tick a lot of the boxes I hear from my pregnant friends looking for clothes. Plus you look classy!
  • Personally, I’m not sure what I think of this top… It makes me feel like a really hip fancy office lady or someone way more grown up than I am… I will give myself some time to wear it before I pass my final judgement on this particular top.
  • This top has some beautiful details and I want to try it again sometime in fabric I absolutely love!

Fun Facts
  • This is one of my January Stashbusting cleansing the sewing room makes! It's made me want to keep going on my list!
  • We recently moved to Hot Springs, but it's companion town (as in you can't tell where one ends and the other begins) is Camas.
  • Camas is a wildflower with an edible root.
  • It was freezing outside when my Mom took the photos of me. Hence the "professional expressions" 


Fadanista said...

You've made me want to try yet another pattern! I haven't got any patterns where you can mix wovens and knits - what a neat idea, and yours is terrific.

Jagoda Spronk said...

Really hip fancy office lady, LOL! I really like this top on you, and like you said, the potential this pattern has is tantalizing!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks Sue, You can make this with just knits or stretch wovens as well as mixing the two. It is a cool top.

EmSewCrazy said...

:D Thanks Jagoda! It is a fun pattern!

Chuleenan said...

I bought this pattern when it was first released but haven't made it yet. I can see that it would be an excellent stash buster - esp. for those leftover knit pieces laying around. It could be a nice combo of a knit and a rayon woven. Hmmm - the possibilities are many...

EmSewCrazy said...

Ooh rayon and knit! That would be lovely. It is a fun pattern. The fit is spot on.