Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thanks & Sneak Peeks

Hello Sewing Friends,
  Before I left for the summer I won some giveaways and was never able to say thank you properly. I have all my lovely loot surrounding me now that I'm home and decided it was high time!
I entered Sew Mama Sew's big giveaway extravaganza early in the spring
and one this lovely fat quarter bundle from Bear Creek Quilting Co.
I LOVE this color palette and really want to quilt something now...

Squee! My first piece of Liberty Tana Lawn from Sewbox UK! I love this print
and was delighted when I won it! But I don't remember if it was So Zoe
or Handmade Jane's giveaway but I'm so thankful and trying to dream
up something special for it...

After I left I received a lovely bit of loot from Sanae Ishida! Such fun stuff
But I might have been most excited when I saw...

THIS Drawing! One of my favorite things about Sanae's blog is her
lovely illustrations and her note happened to be one! I immediately put
it up on my sewing wall!

Speaking of my sewing wall, I'm loving the way it looks these days. Bits of practical and bits of inspiration and fun..

Things have been pretty busy around here and you can see all the patterns and wool getting thrown around! We're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have high hopes we'll finish in time!

Finally, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes right now and I'm giving myself permission to only blog once a week. I know the world goes on and I don't really need to announce to you what I'm doing but I love this community and want to keep myself accountable as well. I'll still be reading all of you and doing the Stashbusting Announcements. So... stay tuned... 

To end, I was going through some boxes and found one of my first quilt attempts. I think it's funny because I have been pinning small square quilts the last couple weeks. I guess my tastes haven't changed very much... My question for you is what would you do with this? I want to keep it and use or display it but I'm not sure how. It's 13 x 10 inches. 


Cari Homemaker said...

For the quilt, it seems like it would be the perfect size for a pillow cover if combined with a solid fabric. You'd be able to use and display it at the same time.

EmSewCrazy said...

I was pondering that! Thanks for the vote in favor of it!