Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Stashbusting: Containment

A new month, a new journey. I've made it to camp where I'll be working for the next couple months. Bring on the kids, crafts and the sunshine! It's so gorgeous here and I'm loving it! My internet is wonky so you're getting post with no photos today.
While I may not be spending much time sewing now, I did plan ahead so I've still got some projects to show you guys but I probably won't be posting as often. It's all up to you guys now. Don't let that fabric multiply while I'm gone!
June's Stashbusting sewing theme is containment! It's all about making things to put other things in. I was surprised at how vast an amount of things to sew this actually covers.
Our Curating Challenge is all about containment too! We're going to be organizing that fabric stash so it's accessible and lovely to look at. I'll be back later this week with my new method that's working fabulously! Until then, let me see your stash in all it's gory details! Did you post a photo in the Flickr pool at the beginning of the year or are you hiding it?


Sharon said...

Okay I did post a photo of my stash for MMM so I will post the same photo. Now containment might be interesting, my circular knitting needles would love a new home, but not sure if I have the time.

Fadanista said...

Hmm, containment, how about clothes to contain my body??