Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Travel With An Iron

Just in case you're coming around for the first time, I live in the middle of nowhere and I have gad in my heels. Why am I telling you these seemingly random facts? Well as a seamstress that travels, my sewing supplies spend a lot of time on the road and packing them has always been a tricky thing.

The worst culprit is my IRON!! You have to use it right up to the end, then you have to wait for it to cool down and delicately place it in your car so it doesn't burn or melt anything. At least it used to be... I'd like to introduce you to my iron's carrying case.
What? You do not understand it's full gloriousness? Let me show you more!!

You take that heat resistant fabric, heat resistant batting, regular batting and fabric and layer them together. Quilt and bind.

Your iron sits in the middle and you do a bit of creative fabric folding to get this...

A handy carrying case!
Buttons and elastic loops hold the layers
together. We also added a loop and button to hold
the cord outside, because we don't want to melt
that either!

Hey little buddy! How ya doing in there! You ain't gonna burn my new car now!!!

I keep using "we" because our whole group made these on one sewing day. One of the ladies had figured it all out and showed us how to do it. It was such a relaxing day and a super useful, yet fun, project. I've used mine several times and it works FABULOUSLY!!

Do you take your sewing on the road? How do you transport your iron?


ShanniLoves... said...

That's pretty cool!

cationdesigns said...

This is brilliant!! I don't travel with my iron, but if I ever start doing so I'm making one!

Sharon said...

Fantastic iron holder, I purchased a very plain style from Aldi when they had it on special as I travel with my iron quite a bit.

Jagoda Spronk said...

Brilliant! I never knew such things existed...

Borsmenta said...

This is awesome. I will probably do it myself although I don´t travel with my iron in my car