Monday, March 3, 2014

March Stashbusting Theme and Curating Challenge

It’s March!!! The temperature is above zero and the sun is shining for the first time in days! It’s time for a celebration and beginning to plan for the warm summer days that are sure to come. At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. :) I’ve already seen a shift in blogging for those in the warmer part of the world preparing for your fall and winter. Hurrah for seasonal change. Are you ready? 
Jake and Cat are ready for the season to change as well.

March’s Curating Challenge is a big one this month. Wardrobe Evaluation! Time to go through your closet and pull out all your favorite clothes whether they are handmade or RTW. Why are these things your favorites? Find the similarities. Is it style, comfort, colors, certain details? Once we find the common denominators we can approach our fabrics and patterns with a more educated eye and sew up more garments that will get worn.
A big revelation and shift in my sewing happened when I realized some of my favorite pieces accentuated my natural waistline. I started making more things that defined it and ended up with several new favorite pieces! 

There seems to be a lot of talk going around the blogs about all this and I’m compiling a list of interesting articles for later this week! I’ve also got some fun interviews planned for later this month as well. So stay tuned for more good stuff!
Someday winter will be over and my waistline will return!
Right now I want to hear from you! Is there a big shift in your sewing depending on the season? Do you have super defined seasons that require separate wardrobes? I know I have to living in South Dakota! It’s wool, layers and long johns in the winter and t-shirts and shorts in the summer. I also do more knitting in the winter time… that may be partially because I’m indoors and watching more movies too…

So let me know! What are you planning to sew?


Becky said...

Sounds like this will go hand-in-hand so nicely with the Wardrobe Architect challenges that Colette Patterns have been putting up. I definitely tend to be more seasonal in my sewing, though I would like to start focusing more on some things that can span different seasons. For now, I'm working on a new spring coat, and we'll see what I get to after that...I have a prom dress to hem as a favor for a friend, a baby shower gift to make for another friend, and am hoping to knock out a costume for the Sewcialist blog sewalong.

EmSewCrazy said...

Wardrobe Architect is one of the links on my list. Looks like you have quite a bit of fun and diverse stuff to sew!

PolyCraftual said...

I've been thinking about my dream wardrobe recently, so this curating challenge is fantastic. Probably won't have time to actually sew up something for me this month, with everything else going on, so I might just evaluate and plan.
Seriously loving the curating challenges.

EmSewCrazy said...

Glad you are enjoying them! I'm having fun with them and am glad they are helping. I think half the fun is planning what to make!