Monday, March 10, 2014

Helpful Links to Curating a Custom Wardrobe

Hello Sewing and Stashbusting Friends,
 Apparently my ideas for building a wardrobe with the curating challenges were so strong I sent them telepathically to bloggers who took my ideas and wrote fabulous blog posts or series on it.

Seriously though, I think it is just a level sewists get to at some point. We've made a few things we really love and fit well and we want to continue that. It's so hard to go back to store bought clothes when you realize you can make one that will fit and feel so much better, plus all the feel good conservationist, DIY vibes. Most of us want to live organized and uncluttered lives, or at least pinterest makes us think we do; and that spills into our closets.


First up is a fabulous piece from Tasha of By Gum, By Golly. You all have probably already read it but I recently discovered her blog and I love the intuitive approach she takes to her closet. It's not dependent on trends, styles or others. She's beginning the wardrobe journey by focusing and analyzing her own clothes that have been tested by her life. She raises several good points that are well worth rereading.

The Wardrobe Architect

Secondly is Colette's Wardrobe Architect. She totally stole my vibes, dug into them and made a wonderfully detailed, cohesive plan. Even if you don't jump into it fully, her posts are well worth the reading and thinking about, especially when she starts discussing the practical stuff.

I enjoyed the croquis posts one and two by Gloria & Me. It's a great way to experiment with different silhouettes without going to all the work of sewing it up and then finding out you don't like it on your body. Plus it's fun! Like playing paper dolls again but with the ability to make it real!
My actual closet stash last year...
So how does all this wardrobe planning help with our fabric stashes? Hopefully we'll walk away full of ideas to use up the stash, but it's also a preventative measure. Hopefully we can take what we've learned and be more discerning in our fabric and pattern choices. Do I wear silk? No? Then I probably shouldn't buy it. Do I have 5 dress patterns with that same silhouette already? Yes? Then I probably don't need another. Personally I was amazed at how many patterns I liked/had stashed that were almost identical, especially when it came to dresses and tops!

How about you? Have you found any similarities in the fabrics and patterns you buy?


Andrea Firth said...

Wow, what a lot of resources to read through. Thanks for collating them all.

I seem to have accumulated a lot of blue fabrics. I like blue, so that's what I seem to buy all the time. It's not that inspiring when it comes to sewing them up, so at some point (hopefully not this year) I will get to the point where my stash just isn't inspiring anymore! I make all my own patterns, and apart from re-using a few patterns for stretch tops, tend to make a whole new pattern each time I go to make something. Not very economical on time, but makes sure I have variety in my wardrobe!

Kristin Jones said...

My fabric is pretty varied which is perfect as I won't get bored, but a lot of my patterns are the same. I really want to take the time one weekend to go through my closet and dresser and pull out everything I know I won't wear and either give it away or cut it up and refashion it. Of course, this will just make my fabric stash larger... but that's just short term, right? I technically have only made one thing this year and it's with fabric that I bought last fall so I really need to get on my stashbusting!

Sharon said...

Let's see I have a lot of brown fabric, sounds boring but it is all kinds of brown and just love it, but the blues have been having a lot of fun also. I do try and be careful with my pattern purchases and do have similar ones that are now quite old, so it looks like I might be getting better, maybe the BWOF subscription helps.

EmSewCrazy said...

I know what you mean about the refashion pile adding to the piles! :) On the plus side those things can get used up faster since some details are already completed, like the hems.
Go go go on the stash busting! I've found that getting rid of all the icky clothes does light a fire under the sewing machine when you have nothing else to wear.

Sharon said...

Burda World of Fashion magazines that I subscribe to so have 4 years worth!

EmSewCrazy said...

Oh! Fun stuff!