Monday, November 5, 2012

Foundation Garments: PANTS!

Being taller than average yet not as tall as the tall brands leaves one struggling to find pants the right length. Add to this the chafing of your insulin pump's infusion sets from a waistband that won't stay up and you will wonder why I didn't overcome my fear of sewing pants much sooner.
I took advantage of a sale and bought Simplicity 2562.  I liked all the adjustable features and the beginner directions.
When I got it home and measured myself I realized I had bought the wrong size. Thankfully it had 1 inch seam allowances built in for adjustments, which meant sewing at a 5/8ths seam allowance they fit just fine. 
I did a muslin just as I was told to do. I made my adjustments and went to work on the pants. I added height to the waistband since I wanted a higher waisted look. I also wanted them high enough they wouldn't be catching on my infusion sets.

I like the second set of button!

The gorgeous brown.
The perfect length!
The waistband fits the correct spot perfectly!
The cute high waisted look.

100% Polyester (It leaves you feeling rather moist for no good reason.)
Static cling
Pattern had me put the fly front in opposite to women's US pants.
Not sure about the center front placement of the buttons and fly.
Too baggy in legs?

For my first pair of wearable pants I am very pleased with them. I learned how to make pants and they are very wearable. I picked up a brown corduroy and a "sparkle" dark wash denim to make some flared leg jeans with next. As soon as I finish this shirt craze I am on.


Cation Designs said...

Yay for making real pants! I am really liking that high waist + two buttons look on you, and brown is so wearable.

I've got some dark wash denim that I want to make jeans with, sparkles, though!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, I figured with my height I could pull off the higher waist but I think it is a tricky thing to nail because it can end up looking grandma or weird if you don't hit the right spot. Isn't it so exciting! Can't wait to see your jeans. My sparkle isn't too sparkly.