Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sewing Builds Friendships

I didn't get a post up yesterday because I was busy having fun at our once a month Sewing Day. What is Sewing Day? Well it is what it sounds like. A day when women from all over the community get together and sew for the whole day! (our official hours are 9 to 5) Some of us don't even sew, we have a card maker and a cross stitcher who come as well.
It is super low key. There is no membership and we decide the day we have it on from month to month. Our original plan was to meet in each other's homes but we decided to meet in the basement of a church since it is a central location with good light and lots of room to spread out.
I do a lot of spreading.

Lots of room for lots of projects!

We even have snacks!
Everyone brings something for the potluck lunch/dinner and we always have gobs of food leftover. Mothers with small children come, so sometimes we have lots of little kids running around. Once, we even had a baby sleeping in a pile of fabric on the floor! 
We have girls as young as 8 sewing, up to women in their 80's. Sewing is the glue that holds us all together! We always have a great time and the first thing you do when you get there is go see what everyone else is sewing! It's one big sew and tell with lots of encouragement and advice flowing freely!
Who loves Winnie the Pooh?

Lots of quilt making going on.

My Christmas Presents Projects

It went from a table runner to a quilt!
This was a special day for me because my Mom came down and joined us, not just doing the dishes but actually SEWING! This was her first sewing project as an adult. She used my rotary cutter and sewing machine all by herself. She made an apron. We were all so excited and proud of her!
Trimming the last of the threads.
October was our 2nd Anniversary of "Tubs Anonymous" Our group name was discovered one day as we were chatting while ironing. 
Lady, "There's Alcoholic's Anonymous, Shopping Anonymous, and all those other anonymous groups we should have one too!"
"Yeah," I said
"Like Fabric Keepers or Tubs Anonymous." she replied.
We immediately started giggling. Tubs Anonymous had a nice ring and the double innuendo we were looking for. The clincher was when the ten year old spoke up, "I even have tubs of fabric too!" 
We all collapsed in laughter and our name was chosen. 

I think this print says it best. I am so thankful for our group and all the friendships that have grown and begun from it. I hope this encourages you to get together with some local sewers and inspire each other! 


Sewingadicta said...

Certainly, this post inspired me to create a group in my city sewistas! This seems a good time and meeting lots of fun, and a way to share. I am your new fan, love all the creativity that I found here.

EmSewCrazy said...

So glad it inspired you! Let me know how it goes. You should have a blast.

Thanks for being my fan! I'm excited to get to contribute to this great sewing community!