Monday, November 19, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming....

To unashamedly bring you a Sale Announcement! Growing up we watched a lot of PBS. On one hand their fundraisers were great but on the other the "Fundraising" part was always long and annoying. Hopefully this won't be too painful to you.

As you know I am part of an amazing Etsy team called Pattern Patter. We decided to put on a huge sale for all you vintage pattern lovers out there! Here's all the juicy details:

When: Black Friday through Cyber Monday The 23rd through the 26th

Where: Here's a thread where we will be posting all our blitz listings  

You can also search Etsy for this coupon code some will be offering: BFBLITZ

Who: Tomorrow there will be a list of all the shops and the discounts they are offering posted by Katherine at 

I am offering all my patterns and fabric at 20% off. You can see them all at this link:

What: Lots of amazing patterns, fabric and sewing notions. Both from the present and the past.

Why: We are sick of being called hoarders by our family members and want to clear up some of the clutter before Christmas! :)

I think that's it! I hope to see you all there! My goal is to sell 100 patterns! Am I too optimistic? I don't know. It's my first holiday season on Etsy and I am full of wide eyed wonder waiting to see how it goes.

I'll catch you all later this week with a timely sewing Thanksgiving post.

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