Friday, September 7, 2012

You Don't Have to Be Perfect!

How often do we get caught up in trying to be perfect? Today I was stressing out about my next blog post and taking pictures of my sewing projects. I rearranged the living room only to have picture failure when the dress print didn't photograph and feeling like I looked like the stupidest person on the planet. Why don't models smile? Cause they feel awkward and stupid. At least that's how I felt today. So I gave up and was depressed. 
I had planned to have a beautiful blog so I would look fun, approachable and professional! I was going to write an amazing blog with relevant content that would engage readers, and all that blah. Pictures are what the internet is about and mine looked like junk. Boohoohoo... (the attitude wasn't helped when I found out my blood sugars were high either). I ended this by walking away, watching Project Runway and cleaning.

When I came back to the computer I checked out one of my favorite blogs: So Zoe
and somehow ended up here! (sometimes the blog world amazes me with its multiplicity of opened windows and links)
I read her post on her newly knitted blagatha. Several things immediately stuck out to me:
* this girl has serious knitting skills! I need to persevere with mine.
* this girl thinks her photos are junk and I don't think she looks too bad. 
* this girl thinks her photos are junk yet still posted and still has a following who loves her! (I loved her!)

So here I am once again reminded that we don't have to be perfect in this world, in fact this world is craving realness. All we have to do is be genuine and do our best. 
So thank you LLadybird for that timely reminder. 

Brace yourself World! Next week the wind will be blowing some sewing projects, crazy thoughts, and not so great pictures your way! 


Anonymous said...

I understand how you felt- I think we all get a bit bogged down in the details sometimes. Keep at it!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thank you! I'm so inspired by you all!