Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Peek Into The Past

I ran across this pattern today and all its little details captured my imagination. First we have this lovely quote which is always something I have to remember when I am led into design and trimming excesses.

This very worn pattern has survived since the early 1930s. According to Katherine this pattern was issued sometime between 1933 and 1935. We know this thanks to this little stamp.
This NRA is not the National Rifle Association of today but the National Recovery Administration that was part of FDR's New Deal. The stamp was put on products of companies that said they complied with the new regulations. At the time this seemed to be necessary to stay in business. What it tells us is that this pattern was produced during a tough time in the USA. This young girl, whose gorgeous signature is pictured below,
could have had a father or grandfather who had lived through WWI. Now she would have to be tough and face the economic hardships that were shaking her country. See her carefully planned dress ideas.

I wonder if she chose this pattern like I sometimes do, for its versatility. Did she think it would make her practical separates or be easy to alter? Maybe she chose it for the beautiful plaid dress with its eye catching bias front panel. I do know she was an amazing seamstress. Have a peek at her directions.
Love the header's font and detail

I wonder if they printed the patterns crammed on one sheet for economy? I do think the seamstresses of the past were better than most of us simply because they had to sew EVERYTHING while we sew for our own pleasure, in most cases.
Did Lura Boow enjoy her dress? Did it last through the Great Depression? Her pattern has survived the years worn but intact. Did she survive WWII? 

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