Friday, September 14, 2012

Let The Children Choose

While I enjoy watching the different challenges presented each week on Project Runway I was recently given my own when I decided to play a little game with the children who have adopted me as Aunt. We played a game called "Ugly or Not?" I held up pieces of fabric from their mother's stash and they decided which pieces they liked. Now I had my challenge! 
When he cried as his mother put the fabric in my car I knew I was going to have to make something special. I pulled out my new favorite sewing book for children. Kwik-Sew Method Sew For Toddlers by Kerstin Martensson. It comes with the master patterns for your little boy or girl's entire wardrobe. It also includes a handy size chart.

When asked what he wanted, my nephew specified a LONG sleeved shirt. I guess he is getting ready for winter too.

Knowing he is tall for his age and wanting room for him to grow I added three inches in length and cuffs to the sleeves. It turns out he is growing so quickly that the shirt fits him perfectly now.
A couple of hours to trace my patterns, cut and sew yielded results we were both happy with. He was absolutely tickled to open his birthday present and see his new Mickey Mouse shirt. 

How about you? Do you sew for children? Have they ever presented you with sewing challenges that delighted or refreshed you? I certainly enjoyed this relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of my usual day's work. Have you ever sewn with "Sew For Toddlers"?


Blackberry said...

I sewed pajamas for years. I had a neat way of making the neckline placket, and wish I'd written it down. Nightgowns are easy, too.

EmSewCrazy said...

Cool! I ran out of time so I didn't do a placket. I am wishing I had since it is a bit tight on him.