Thursday, June 2, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: The Dresses

Enter the absolute frivolous part of this challenge! I picked up this sheer cream with silver squares at a thrift store? Either that or the fabric fairies dropped it off on the way by. I knew it was an impractical piece but it paired perfectly with a very gathered vintage dress pattern I had. This pattern was such a hog I had to take a wedge out of the back and front to get it to fit on the yardage I had. It worked up just as I imagined though. Swishy and light. You must wear it with a belt though otherwise it looks like I'm swallowed up in dirty clouds.

And you can't really see the silver squares but that's ok.. they are there and sparkly in real life.

My next dress was supposed to be a lovely wool that would be warm to wear to school. Alas it got thrown to the wayside one morose Sunday afternoon when I picked up this happy floral. I took the top of the Staple dress pattern and gathered a large rectangle to the waist line. Since I did french seams it sits a bit higher than I prefer but since I'm always going to be wearing it with a belt, which covers everything, it is all good. I took the time to add pockets so this is now one of my favorite pieces in the whole bunch! I wore it Easter Sunday and felt lovely. I will be wearing it again as soon as I fix the random tear that developed along the bodice.

So that is my new happy wardrobe which is definitely pining for spring and summer weather!
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