Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wardrobe Challenge: The Tops

Since I've started working at school, I've been needing more casual dressy (is that a term?) things to wear to work. So I decided to stack my cohesive wardrobe with tops!

I loved the Lani Tunic from Style Arc so I invest in some of their PDFs and I am sold on their draftsmanship! Since their patterns only come in three sizes and you print the PDF in one size I made the Daisy tunic first to check my size in their patterns. Spot on!

The Daisy Tunic has a fun double hem and POCKETS!!! My friend liked it so much she ordered one from me so you get to see the Daisy in two incarnations!  Flannel on the left and chambray on the right.

When that turned out so well I started on my Lani Tunic! Lots of pieces that I just managed to fit on the three bits of coordinating fabric I had. Part of me wishes I would have pieced the front differently but I don't think I would have gotten all the pieces cut in any other layout.

The striped Cabarita turned out to be a quick make, even after I realized the stripes were printed vertically on the fabric so I was going to have to cut a single layer on the bias to get happy vertical stripes. I add bands to the hem which I split for a fun look.

I loved this silk but never wore it as a skirt, I used my TNT block to experiment in turning it into a shirt. I pinned and cut the double layers then sewed them so all the seams were inside. It made for a quick make even with the shifty silk.

Finally I delved into my vintage pattern collection and was able to squeak out this little blouse from my vintage remnant. I kept the pleats running from the shoulder loose because when sewn per pattern instructions they ended in a place modern bosoms don't go. :) It's not a perfect top but is definitely workable for not making a muslin or altering something from the 50's. The fabric and buttons make sure I will wear it even if the perfect fit isn't there. Once in an outfit, it gets lots of compliments and I feel pretty professional in it!

Well that's my tops! So I have a question for you who work with children. How often do you wash your clothes? I hate throwing something that is "clean" in the wash after one wear but sometimes they are hacking and coughing so much I feel covered in germs. How do you handle washing work attire?

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