Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Mona Jacket

This is part two of my capsule wardrobe collection, part one, the tops here.

I was originally very nervous about making the topper for the collection. It had to match with EVERYTHING and the only jacket I had planned was this Turquoise Mona. I knew it would be a risk shape wise with the tunic tops but it was a piece I had been planning for years and I knew it was finally time to get it done.

I guess I'm an intermediate seamstress because I didn't struggle with the sparse instructions, and the photos in the online tutorial provided more clarity on the back placket steps. This jacket pattern is well constructed and it went together quickly. Even with me putting the sleeves in backwards the first time! I'll have to make sure to better mark front and back next time around.

I really like how simple and easy wearing this jacket is... my real worry is how often can I get away with wearing it? Twice a week? Three times? I guess it all depends on how much coughing the kids are doing at school... germs.

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