Friday, February 5, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

My fabrics!
In true shoot for the moon, land among the stars mantra I'm joining two Capsule wardrobe challenges. Pattern Review and Sew-a-Longs
Pattern Review has a shorter time frame and a stricter garment policy: 10 garments consisting of 2 bottoms, 2 tops, 1 topper and 5 wild cards which all must go together.

If I can't make that I should be able to have a solid entry for Sew-along which is a considerably longer time frame and a more relaxed approach of a cohesive wardrobe of 8 pieces all your choice.

I think I have my plans figured out... we'll start with the hardest piece.

The Topper (which must go with everything)

I've been wanting to make this jacket for FOREVER so it's about time! Turquoise corduroy is what I've also had picked out forever so I had to reconcile myself to the fact that all pieces must coordinate with it.

The Bottoms
I've had these fabrics earmarked for trousers for an abysmally long time and it's about time they get made up. The brown corduroy will be my Maritime Shorts Jeans hack and the sparkle denim will be another lovely pair of Endeavours. I'm hoping the stretch in it will compensate for wearing over leggings during these cold months since the ones I've already made with zero stretch are too snug.

The Tops

This seems to be my biggest wardrobe hole, dressy work appropriate tops so I'm going to make quite a few.
Daisy Tunic in Red Flannel

Lani Tunic with those two cottons as my base fabrics and I'll figure out the other coordinate fabrics when I get there.

Some sort of Cabarita hack in this turquoise stripe that is running vertically down the fabric!! So it will be cut on the bias and I'm toying with trying to figure out long sleeves... I guess it will depend on my fabric yardage.

My Kimono Top pattern for the silk skirt I'm going to up cycle
I think a cute vintage blouse for the red vintage polka dots. I forgot to take a photo of it...

A Dress

I love dresses and this brown wool with a tiny turquoise plaid stripe will make a lovely 50's vibe winter one. Now I need to figure out how to wash the wool...

A Gauzy Thing

Not sure if this will be a top or a dress... we'll see when I get the fabric laid out. Since it is so sheer I think I want to try this voluminous vintage dress pattern I've been hoarding. Definitely the short dress length... but short or long sleeves?

My only concern with this mix is that the jacket will not pair well with my tunic tops. What do you think? I was reassured it would be ok and I know I'll wear the turquoise jacket once it is made just not sure about these tops...

This stacks up to four TNT patterns, a PDF jacket I must muslin for fit, three vintage patterns, and two PDF Tunics from a new to me company (hoping the sizing will be consistent for both)

Now for my real dilemma! What should I call my collection? Do you have any catchy name ideas?

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Becky said...

With all of the TNT patterns, hopefully this will be an easy collection to assemble! Good luck with the name. I'm terrible at that stuff.