Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eliana Love

The burgundy came first. It was a mystery fabric with great drape yet weight. I think it's slowly shrinking in the wash.

Next came the silk sari with vintage mother of pearl buttons.

Finally the lavender wool for my friend. When she tried my burgundy dress on this summer she promptly turned to me and said, "My birthday is March 12th." Over Thanksgiving break, she came and we chose fabric and zipped it up so she could take it to her college Christmas party.

POCKETS!!! The cause of much squealing when they were discovered. 
I won this pattern in a giveaway from Busy Lizzy and it has quickly become an absolute favorite. I've worn my burgundy dress tons!

Pattern Changes

  • I can't remember what size I made but I'm 5' 10" and I added about six inches to the skirt. For the silk I added about an inch to the top pieces so it would be more blousey. 
  • Did a facing for the front opening instead of the ties. 
  • If you remove the ties buttons and loops work better than a hook and eye. Personal experience speaking. :)

My friend and I love our dresses and they are seeing much wear. Thanks to Pauline Alice for drafting a great little dress pattern and Lizzy for letting me win a copy! I'm sold.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! I've found it hard to find stylish long sleeved dresses, but this looks like a great winter pattern. You and your friends look very happy!