Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Making

Grab a cuppa' and sit down for a breath.
Well Stashbusters,
Sounds like our Christmas plans are coming right along. If you are a Facebook user make sure to join our group and share in the encouragement and enabling. (psst... we will be doing it again next year)

Awhile ago I got sick of looking AT my pinterest and decided to actually make something! First I used up some strips for these little braided mug rugs... Not sure where these are going.

Then these cute round coasters were tantalizing me so I whipped some up in a weekend. This used up some of my scraps and more importantly a scrap of batting that I'd been hoarding for just such a reason. I was super tickled with my achievements!
The square ones were supposed to be round but the personalized "L" scrapped that idea.
Sewing, the ever evolving art.
As I was energized and ready to go on the next gifts on my list, I got a surprise email saying I made it into the big Christmas MADE Fair that was only three weeks away! What a surprise! I broke out the pliers and my button jars and made up some cute button earrings. (not that you can see the dent in my stash)...

Is it silly how happy I am to have a "butterfly" in Millefiori beads and Mother of Pearl buttons? 

I also made some Tiny Worlds that help grow big imaginations. This put another small dent in my scrap box and used up some of that weird yarn I couldn't get rid of either. It's those odd things that are so satisfying to use.

Ending the random craft supply usage spree was me further ruining some already damaged linens by making some beautiful glass pendants showcasing the lace and embroidery from years gone by.
Sorry for the sad ironing board photo but it was that or nothing!
It may not be a lot, but it is something... I really enjoyed giving new life to the buttons and the linens that could never be used again.

I've got a couple other big projects planned as soon as I go on Christmas break. How about you? Are you in the middle of Christmas Making Mayhem? Or are you waiting for the actual break? Will you get a break with time for sewing or be busy with family and friends?
Whatever you do keep up the good work! Our year is almost over!

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Anonymous said...

Good job with the Pinterest projects! And ohmygosh, those tiny world bags are so cute! I may have to make something like that for Hobbit when he's older and I know what he's into.