Friday, February 6, 2015

Sewing Themed Stationary Adventures

My favorite.
If there is one thing all sewists have in common it's our tactile nature. How many of us are also letter writers? I'll be the first to admit to not being the most regular correspondent but I do enjoy popping things off in the post and not having reliable internet connections has made me more liable to pick up pen and paper in the evening.

I like this concept but not the photo itself

Since I'm always looking for ways to incorporate sewing into other aspects of life I went on a hunt to find sewing stationary, specifically postcards. It was a sad search my friends... Merchant and Mills, this lovely lady, a lovely watercolor, and one set of sewing machines. That was it. Are we really that small of a market? We with our swaps, sewalongs, secret valentines, sew bossyness and general friend making?

Since I'm also always looking for new income opportunities I've been researching printing my own postcards and the findings are surprising. Photography is always a work in progress as well. What makes lovely quality blog photos does not make good printing quality postcards. Composition is also an art. I took 65 photos and only three or four am I happy with.

So what do you think of my ideas? Do you send out snail mail? Would you buy sewing themed postcards?


Angela said...

I think that sewing-themed stationary would be super cute as a "thank you" note for the sewists that sell their makes online. Or, for "care instructions" to be handed out at craft fairs. I would probably buy some to include with gifts that I make and have to mail to family in other states. Great idea, Emily!

Heather said...

I love the White buttons.

Borsmenta said...

Postcards I wouldn't buy... But for those who sew to sell crafty tags are great.
On the other hand I do write letters from time to time and for that crafty letter paper would be cool to have.

EmSewCrazy said...

Yeah, great ideas Angela! Thanks for your feedback!

EmSewCrazy said...

Cool. Thanks for letting me know Borsmenta!