Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How To Decide What Patterns To Buy

Otherwise known as My Pattern Wishlist...
I blame Gillian for her post on cold weather Inspiration and seeing photos of her cute winter style. I want cute winter style! Plus the time is quickly approaching when I may actually have to go out in cold weather and look decent. So I rounded up my pattern wish list. Buying patterns is a big deal for me so maybe talking through it will help...

Named Dakota Dress
Thanks to pinterest I stumbled upon this plaid version and was surprised to see what pattern it was actually from. I like this much more than the company's version because I didn't even give that image a second thought.

Yuki's Plaid Version
Then I saw Rachel's Winter Dakota in my favorite color and really really liked it!
Rachel's Winter Dakota
So how does it measure up?
PDF Price: $15. USD

Versatility/MMP (multiple make potential): It could be made up in different fabrics for different looks with the CF sewn open or closed. I can see tunic potential in this as well.

Layerabilty: I could wear multiple tops underneath it and my Espresso leggings. So warmth and cuteness!

Style: I have a feeling this could be dressed up or down depending on fabric choices and what I wore with it. Definitely could wear it to teach sewing classes!

Another less than compelling pattern illustration but I have really liked all the versions I have seen made up. Plus it's a favorite of Gillian's who I've officially decided is my cold weather muse.

PDF Price: $16.40 USD

Versatility/MMP: This really changes depending on fabrics used! There are super color blocking possibilities.You can leave off the pockets and bands for a dressier look and I don't have a knit pattern for princess seams. 

Layerabilty: I have the leggings and I think this might work with skinny jeans. You can make this from sweatshirt fabric so it would be warm and cozy! I could probably throw on a tshirt underneath if I wanted.

Style: Casual but could still be presentable as long as it doesn't look like I made it from pajama fabric. Could I teach in this?

Deer and Doe Bruyere!!!
I am not a fan of button up shirts but I LOVE THIS!! It is so pretty! I love the waistband and the skirt bit that makes it like a tunic and all the buttons down the front. So lovely! Classic shirt without being a classic shirt.

Bruyère shirt

Paper Pattern Price: $16.21 USD

Versatility/MMP: Um this looks like a statement piece to me so I'm not sure how many I could get away with making... No brilliant hack ideas are coming to me either...

Layerabilty: Pretty sure I could wear this over jeans and throw sweaters over it just like a normal shirt. I think it's more of a fall/spring piece anyway.

Style: OODLES!! LOADS!! I love it so much!

I've finally been bitten by the unmentionables bug. How can we resist all those cute patterns Measure Twice Cut Once put out?

PDF Price: $9.00 USD

Versatility/MMP: Obviously these could be made up a bajillion times and none of you would be the wiser! ;)

Layerabilty: I think they should layer with my other garments nicely. I'm also wondering if the boy short leg will get rid of the every present VLP issue..

Style: Never worn Boyshorts. Want to try. 

With all the wonderful and new independent patterns out there I have to have some criteria to decide where to best spend my limited funds. I also consider if I have something similar in design already in the pattern stash but these all passed that preliminary test.

What do you consider when you're pattern shopping? Any criteria I should add to my list? Any other great winter/fall patterns out there? Which do you think I'm going to spring for?? 

PS. The Bronte Top! I want that too...


prolificprojectstarter said...

Just succumbed to the Lola pattern myself, I keep thinking of new fabric ideas to make it in so thought it was time to actually get it!

Fadanista said...

I have a couple of these patterns, but you've made me want some of the ones I don't have. Lola is great for colour blocking and stashbusting, I've found.

EmSewCrazy said...

Yep I'm pretty excited about it. I've got it printed out now to glue and trace! I've already found three different combos I want to try!

EmSewCrazy said...

That's great to hear! I decided on Lola and have some color blocking versions planned already. I need to do some quick stash busting!

prolificprojectstarter said...

Oh, sounds exciting. I decided to try printing mine at a copy shop as an experiment. Not one I'll repeat I think. Also managed to buy and wash some cheap mystery synthetic rib fabric in a kind of olive green- hoping for a relatively pain free wearable muslin.