Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kathy's 100 Emerys Interview

Hello My Sewing Bloggy Friends,
 Long time no see! I've had a fabulous summer that I'm still processing but you will hear about it soon. I do apologize for so completely abandoning you but it seems everything has gone well and the FB Stashbusting group is consistently growing which is so fantastic! 

I've been sitting on this fabulous interview with Kathy of The Nerdy Seamstress for the whole summer and I figured it was finally time to share.
How long have you been sewing? 
I started sewing when when I was 9 and stopped some time in high school. I wish I can say I kept all the knowledge, but I had to relearn a lot of basic skills. I started sewing again only late January of last year because clothes never fit me and the style I like were out of my price range. I never looked back.
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Do you have a fabric stash?
Oh my goodness! Which seamstress doesn't have a fabric stash. Right? My stash is huge it's ridiculous! If I'm in a sewing funk, I shop for fabric, which is bad! I realized that it is nice to give some fabric from my stash away.

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What was the first dress you made?
My first dress! lol!  It's completely laughable. It was a pattern from Joann's, I think it was one of those New Look patterns. It was a purple sheath dress, completely my style and color. That dress was all kinds of wrong because of the construction. I didn't transfer notches. I didn't use pins. I didn't alter the pattern what so ever. I'm sure there are countless other things I didn't do. It was basically a horrible because I made it straight out of the envelope. It was different from a RTW dress. After that incident, I stopped sewing. I picked it up again after stumbling upon Adventures in Dressmaking's blog. After that, I was hooked.

Why do you think dresses have such long lasting appeal?
I think dresses are timeless. Dresses that style icons wear are still relevant and gorgeous today.

Why do you personally love dresses?
I love dresses because I'm lazy. I don't have to pick or worry if my outfit looks okay. With one garment, I look dressy without the effort.
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Why did you fall in love with the Emery Dress pattern?I fell in love with the Emery Dress pattern because of the simplicity of bodice and really lends itself to many different styles. What I saw in the pattern is a great bodice slopper. From there, the option is endless.

What made you decide to challenge yourself with "100 Ways of Emery"?When bloggers mix and match patterns, it inspires me to try to think outside the box. I started the 100 ways of Emery because I wanted to challenge myself creatively. I wanted to see how many different patterns and designs I can create with one pattern.

How many have you made so far?
Wow! I don't know! Under 10 so far. Man, I have a long way to go! I took a little break from the dress, and I have a few ideas in mind that I'm really excited about.
Thanks Emily for inviting me to join on the July dresses theme for the stashbusting sew along!
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Thank you Kathy, for participating! I can't wait to see all your different Emery versions!

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