Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dressy Interview with Quirky Peach

Hello Bloggy Friends! 
Oh my! July has been a whirlwind of work and fun and craziness! I'm happily exhausted most of the time. I do have some more dressy interviews for you and I thought it was about time to get another one up. I apologize for my tardiness and hope you enjoy this interview with one of my favorite happy bloggers!

Hi! My name is Sally and I blog over at The Quirky Peach. First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to Emily for letting me ramble a little about dresses and sewing on her blog! I hope you know what you got yourself into ;)

How long have you been sewing? 

About three and a half years. On Christmas of 2010, I got a sewing machine from my mom and dad. I had sewn a bit growing up, but that Christmas was when it all really started.

Do you have a fabric stash?

Yes! I try to keep it to a manageable size, but it's hard! I am a lot better now at only buying fabrics I really love, not just what's on sale, and having a project in mind before purchasing. However, I just about doubled my stash with a crazy thrift find on craigslist - three industrial size garbage bags of fabric for $5 - can't beat that!

What was the first dress you made?

A black and white checked cotton sun dress - Lisette for Simplicity 2209 - still one of my favorites :) Convinced me that sewing my own clothes was an achievable and awesome thing!

What was the most challenging dress you have sewn? Why?

I think it would have to be my vintage 1940's dress. The bound button holes and other vintage details were fun to do, but time consuming. However, I think the most challenging thing about it was knowing I would never wear it once it was finished, except to take pictures for the blog post. I learned a lesson and have never done that again - if I know I'm not going to like something I'm sewing, I usually don't waste time finishing it. I would rather make something I know I will love.

What is your favorite dress to wear? Why?

My favorite dress to wear - AUGH! Such a hard question! I guess it really depends on the mood:

Casual - Ikat Hi Lo Dress - I lived in this dress last summer, and probably will again - it is so soft (rayon challis) and comfortable, and of course has pockets!

Dressy / Cute - Floral Belladone - I just made this one last month and wore it for almost every special occasion - Mother's Day, graduations, church, concerts, dinner, etc! It is so flattering, doesn't wrinkle and has pockets, but the print is my favorite thing about it.

Glamorous - Watercolor Anna Maxi - I feel like a princess every time I put this on!

Any particular style of dress you really like?

I am definitely a fit and flare type gal. Anything with a fitted waist that skims over the hips and I'm sold! Not such a fan of tight fitting dresses, slim/straight skirts, shift dresses or wrap dresses, but they look amazing on other women ;)

Why do you think dresses have such long lasting appeal?

There is so much variety in dress styles, any girl can find a style she loves. They are a great expression of personal style and are easy to wear - no trying to match this top with this bottom!

Why do you personally love dresses?

I love the feeling of a swooshing skirt as you walk. Always makes me feel feminine and put together. And honestly, most dresses I have made and love to wear are in my favorite prints and colors, super comfortable, and have pockets - what more could a girl ask for? ;)

(You can see all my me-made dresses at My Handmade Closet)

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Fadanista said...

A lovely interview, thank you Emily. I feel a bit inspired by a couple of those outfits!