Monday, April 21, 2014

My Free Japanese Spring Top Tale

Confession: This is a half stash bust and half preventative stash busting. But how's a girl to resist when she sees a cozy set of jersey sheets at the thrift store for a pittance? It was perfect for testing the pattern out!

Just in case you missed my continuous blabbing on twitter, this is the Athena pattern from Tamanegi-kobo I found this company from Yoshimi. They are updating their website and making it more internationally (english!) friendly and put a bunch of their fabulous patterns up for free! As soon as I saw pleats I was sold! 

This purple top was made from a jersey sheet and I stretched the neckline out. I was a good girl and tacked the front facing down but when I washed it it crinkled up... I could iron it but who irons your knit tops! Pfhhhttt, not me!
I think it will make a cozy lounging top and it's not something I'd be totally ashamed to be seen in. It was a great way to work out the kinks before I cut my special fabric. 

My second top, I made from the last bit of my stashed navy polka dot. It is lightweight and draped fabulously. I did alter the back to take the drape out of the shoulder seams. I didn't want another drapey back, nor did I have enough fabric. I ended up piecing the back sleeve but you can't tell.

I also carefully handled the front neckline so it wouldn't stretch but had trouble with the Understitched facing seam rolling to the front. Thanks to the sewcialists on twitter I added some weights and that seemed to help. Next time I think I'll try that super lightweight interfacing and see if that helps.

 If you like pleats and drapey tops then this is the pattern for you! The way this top is cut/drafted is a bit of fabulousness that can only be appreciated when you put it on.
I'm a 37 bust and cut the largest size. I didn't add seam allowance and you can see it fits fine. The pleats allow plenty of room for girls bigger than mine.

I'm very pleased with it and look forward to trying some more of their patterns. I'm linking up to The Sew Japanese Sew-Along and Made By Rae's Spring Top Sewalong! Fun Fun Fun! Have you been participating in any fun sewalongs lately? I'm leaving you with my best impression of a fabulous linebacker!

TTFN, TaTa For Now! 


Arts of Eska said...

I like the front but I'm not so sure about the back. Perhaps it's something that you really must wear to appreciate.
I've been bad and haven't cut out and pieced my Tama patterns. I'm on a home DIY kick.

EmSewCrazy said...

Yeah, I had to try the back but there's a reason I tried to draft it out of my second version. :)
Putting those babies together is another chore in itself! Home improvement sounds like a fun diversion from sewing!

Pippa Knight said...

Def looks better with out all the back drape, I love the neck line.

For the second one did you just leave off the 'sleeve' bit or did you re draft any of the sleeve area?

EmSewCrazy said...

Hey Pippa,
I didn't do anything to the sleeves. The short sleeve is drafted that way so you can make a long or short sleeve shirt from the pattern.

After wearing the top all day I'm going to sew in lingerie straps to keep the shirt where I want it because I didn't get quite as much out of the back as I wished.