Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Stashbusting Let's talk about LOVE

Welcome Stashbusters to February! We're already into month TWO of the Stashbusting Sewalong! This month's theme is all about LOVE! We're expanding the love from last year though.

February's Theme is make something for someone you love and/or go all project runway and take this theme to the abstract and make something that represents something you love.

Sneak peek on what I'm working on...
For unselfish sewing I've got this dress still on my list from last year... and a couple of knit tops for my Mom.

February's Curating Challenge is pretty low key and very geared toward garment sewists since that's what I primarily am and what most of you are... sorry my quilters. This can still apply for you...

February's Curating Challenge: Identify what you love! 
Go through your fabrics and find your 10 most favorite pieces. Why do you love them so much? Color palette? Print? Fabric type? Ease of sewing? Fit with your lifestyle? Not only are these are important things to keep in mind when you do decide to go fabric shopping; having all these lovelies sitting out where you can see them will hopefully inspire you to use one of them instead of buying something new. Decorate the walls with FABRIC!!!
Crummy photo of seven of my favorites!

ExtraCredit: Go through your closet and grab only your FAVORITE pieces. It doesn't matter if they are RTW or handmade. Ask yourself what those pieces have in common.

Once again, a reminder that everything is totally optional, except sewing from your stash because if you aren't then why'd you join this? :) Ok, I'm going to take my sarcastic self back to work now. Stay warm ya'all!


Sharon said...

Only 10 pieces of fabric that I love, not fair I love all my fabric but will have to disappoint some of them by choosing the drool worthy ones :)

EmSewCrazy said...

I know such hard decisions... :) I figured that way we'd see the best of the best!

The Nerdy Seamstress said...

I love the fabric that you showed. It's in one of my favorite color schemes too! :)

I nominated you for the Liebster Award! There's more info on my blog! :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thank you! I will check out the award!